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Bad news! Chip shortage leads to "Butterfly Effect"! Ford plant shutdown F-150

2021-08-25 15:26:04 Oriental Information automobile

recently , Ford motor launch official announcement , Hope to cut 1000 jobs in American companies , And provide incentives , Let white-collar employees in some departments leave voluntarily . Ford said about this , This initiative is to further match the business focus with the main skills required by the automotive business . Some netizens speculated that , Ford laid off employees because of the serious problem of core shortage , Have to shrink the company's business .

Due to globalization, the problem of lack of core is becoming more and more serious , Recently, Ford announced that it would stop producing its most profitable F-150 models , And temporarily close its factory in Kansas .

From the relevant information , In addition to Ford being affected by the lack of core , Modern automobile and other automobile enterprises are also affected by the shortage of semiconductors , It can be said that it was caused by the lack of core “ Butterfly Effect ”.

besides , Automotive industry data analysis organization AutoForecast Solutions Media related messages displayed , Due to the lack of core, the global automobile industry has caused huge loss of automobile production , The quantity has reached 585.3 Thousands of cars , North America and Europe are the most affected , The loss of car production in North America is 187.4 Thousands of cars , In Europe 174.6 Thousands of cars .

meanwhile , China has also been greatly affected , The loss of automobile production reached 112.2 Thousands of cars . According to this observation , If we can't solve this increasingly serious core shortage problem as soon as possible , The loss of global auto production will increase this year , Expected to reach 700 Ten thousand cars .

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