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In order to save fuel, only dare to lightly step on the accelerator? In this way, the engine is scrapped, and you're smart?

2021-08-25 15:45:22 Oriental Information automobile


Cars in China , Now it has become more and more popular , An ordinary family , Can afford a car . Because cars are really cheap now , The cheapest is like Wuling Hongguang's van ,3-4 Ten thousand yuan can buy , But also very practical ! Driving skills are actually very important , If you don't drive well , It's easy to cause damage to the car ! for instance , Some people like to brake hard after seeing a red light , But some people look at the red light in advance , Step on the brake slowly , Steady stop !

The latter not only saves fuel , And the damage to the car will be relatively small , And it won't make the passengers in the car carsick ! besides , Chinese people don't have much research on cars , Therefore, some wrong driving precautions have been circulating on the Internet , for instance , Someone said , The carbon deposition of cars does not need to be clear , But more and more carbon deposits , The engine will be damaged ! today , Let's correct a common mistake : In order to save fuel, only dare to step on the accelerator ? The old master said : The engine will be scrapped !

Step on the accelerator slightly ≠ Drive at a constant speed

We often listen to our teacher tell us , When we drive , When you step on the accelerator, be sure to be shallow , Don't use too much force , If you step on the gas , It will increase the fuel consumption of the car , Gasoline is very expensive now , We need to save more money ! therefore , The admonition of the old drivers , It has become a deep-rooted thought in our hearts , We really think so ! This sounds really reasonable , But is it true ? below , Let's take you to reveal the answer !

First , I need to analyze the thoughts of the old drivers first , See why they have this perception ! That's what the old drivers think , Stepping on the gas is like running a marathon , And stepping on the accelerator is like a sprinter ! When you step on the gas again , It means you have to exert all the strength of your body , This car runs fast , It also consumes a lot of energy , It's a bit like consuming more gasoline ! And when you step on the gas , Like a marathon runner , I don't run too fast !

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