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Have you heard of Morgan cars? The one who made the car out of wood

2021-08-25 15:45:26 Oriental Information automobile

In the current car circle , There are often car companies calling “ feelings ” The name of , Harvest consumers' wallets . however , There is a car company , It exists in itself , Is a feeling , It is —— morgan .

The British auto industry has got up early , A late show , The signs are louder and louder , The business situation is getting worse and worse . In a large number of British brands “ Selling for survival ” Under the circumstances , Morgan motor can be said to hold up the last face of British Automobile feelings . Morgan cars , Family business , All manual production , A negligible yield . From payment to car collection , The car owners have lined up to 2 Years later . The most legendary is , From the moment you pick up the car , This car has begun to add value . however , All this comes at a price .

Extremely “ Hale and hearty ” Suspension of , Dozens of kilometers away makes you feel like you've been beaten up . Manual ceiling , Optional air conditioning , Look at this pile of old car parts , You don't even know where your millions are spent . The chassis of Morgan's car is made of oak , Various lines also maintain the appearance of the last world . The feelings of the rich are really hard to understand .

In a family owned business like Morgan motor , It is not surprising that father and son are in the same factory , Manufacturing workers are relatively stable , For example, grandpa is a wood structure engineer , So is grandson . For motorists , Don't treat this factory as an enterprise , It's more like a museum , The precipitation of the manufacturing process itself determines the work of each post , Are very ornamental , Not to mention, there are two small museums in the plant to display the history and famous models of Morgan cars .

As “ The afterglow of Great Britain ”, Morgan motor is the leading representative of British industrial achievements , It has few sales channels in China , Morgan's weizman brand , stay 2012 It only entered domestic sales in , For the time being, there are only two direct stores in Beijing and Shanghai , Even more pitiful , The official website of weizman China has been hacked , You can check ···· Do you yearn for Morgan cars ? What do you know about the British auto industry ? Welcome to tell me in the comments section .

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