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Eight new trends interpretation of automobile consumption trend insight Report

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  [ Car home industry ]  “ unbounded ・ symbiosis ” yes 2021 The best interpretation of the development status and trend of China's automobile industry in .“ unbounded ”, It means that the boundaries of the automotive industry are being gradually broken , There are countless cross-border car makers , Automobile is becoming a new terminal of industrial integration .“ symbiosis ”, From a higher perspective , Looking for a business model 、 Market structure 、 Ecological integration and development in the future . however , All change is the same , No matter how the automobile industry develops , Pinpoint user needs , Insight into market trends , It is the unchanging truth of all walks of life in the industry .

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  8 month 19 Japan , The car house is “818 China auto new consumption Forum ” Publish on 《2021 Insight report on consumption trend of China's automobile market 》, By collecting 10 10000 consumer samples and more than 100 million user behavior big data , Analyze and summarize the new trend of automobile consumption . And this , It is the third year in a row that auto home has released an insight report on auto consumption trend .

   Auto home has always been making continuous efforts to help the development of the industry , Through big data analysis and thinking about the industry , From the market 、 user 、 brand 、 Products, etc. 4 Dimensions , Summarize the eight trends of automobile consumption . that , How to interpret these trends and the logic behind them ? Regarding this , Zhou you, vice president of auto home, put forward his own unique opinions .

Look at market trends : The new energy vehicle market is performing well

  2021 year , After the Chinese auto market was suppressed by the epidemic , A year of gradual release . Although this year , There will be repeated outbreaks in some areas , But with the overall situation under steady control , China's automobile market is in the process of positive regression .

   Post epidemic electrification 、 Intelligence drives the market to recover rapidly , Although the shortage of chips affects the pace of production and marketing , However, it is optimistic that the growth rate of passenger cars this year will reach 9.5%.“ Although there is a lack of core, these factors , However, we believe that the potential of the subsequent consumer market is still huge .” Travel around emphasizes , The overall growth rate of the automobile market this year , It is still possible to reach a good level .

   In this rapidly recovering auto market , The most striking is the rapid growth of the new energy market . According to the China Automobile Industry Association ,2021 In the first half of the year, the production and marketing of new energy vehicles were completed respectively 121.5 Thousands of cars and 120.6 Thousands of cars , Year on year growth 2 times . Besides , The market penetration of new energy vehicles has also increased from 2020 In the same period of 5%, Up to this year's 13%.

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   In order to accurately track and predict the trend and prosperity of the new energy industry , China electric vehicle hundred people's Association and auto home jointly released the prosperity index of new energy industry .2021 In, the prosperity of the new energy vehicle industry hit a new high in the past five years , We expect , After the market sales continued to heat up, it turned to steady development in the second half of the year .“ According to the trend of the leading index , expect 2021 year 8 Month to 10 The heat of the new energy market will gradually drop a little , At a stage of steady growth .” Travel around and say .

   It is worth mentioning that , According to the Chinese automobile consumption quality index jointly released by China electric vehicle hundred people association and automobile house , In recent years, the consumption quality of new energy vehicles has also been continuously improved . Take pure electric vehicles as an example , The overall consumption quality of pure electric vehicles has been steadily improved , For three years 、 Compact models 、SUV The growth rate of these three models is 40% above .

   Zhou you thinks , It is the improvement of product quality and consumption quality of new energy vehicles , It improves users' desire to buy , Accelerated the outbreak of the market . According to the research data of auto home for three consecutive years , After two consecutive years of flat ,2021 In, users' acceptance of new energy vehicles increased 5.5%, achieve 55.91%, Users' desire to buy has increased significantly 22%.

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Look at user changes : Younger and “ she ” The economy goes hand in hand

   Users are the basis of all consumption , Autohome has been committed to user research . In the change of user structure , Autohome focuses on two rapidly changing consumer groups : One is a young man , One is female consumers .

   Auto home big data shows ,30 Users under the age of have accounted for 30% , Automobile consumers are constantly becoming younger . Travel around points out ,30 The proportion of younger users under the age of , from 2017 year 19% Growth to 2021 year 30%.“ This is a growing 11 percentage , It's a big leap .”

   Look at the distribution of young users , Auto home found that young users are concentrated in high-speed cities , The car purchase budget is high 、 Re appearance , Pay more attention to the comprehensive car experience . Auto home big data shows , There are about 50% Our young users are located in high-speed cities ,10-20 Million is the mainstream car purchase budget for young people , At the same time, young users pay more attention to appearance when buying a car , Pay more attention to the comprehensive driving experience when purchasing new energy vehicles .

   In terms of consumption preference , Young users' preference for brands tends to be polarized , Patriotic tide also loves luxury cars , The pursuit of perfection is also pragmatism , Love to enjoy life and play hard technology .“ Young users are interested in SUV Their preferences are on the decline , For cars ( Especially the hatchback ) Their preferences have increased .” Zhou you added .

   It is worth mentioning that , Although young people love to overspend , But not overdraft . Auto home big data shows , The proportion of young people buying cars in full is increasing . In content consumption , Young people prefer to pass the test 、 News, etc , Understand the automotive market and products , At the same time, technology 、 Food and other non automotive content , It is also favored by young car buyers .

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  “ Female ‘ she ’ The economy cannot be underestimated .” Travel around emphasizes , As women become more independent , The social and economic status has also been continuously improved . Women's consumption power , It has become a bright color in the whole automobile consumer market , And keep growing for a long time . Auto home big data shows , The proportion of female users has reached 33%, meanwhile 34% The income of female users is 10-20 Wan range .

   Auto home big data shows , In terms of geographical distribution , near 6 Adult women are located in high-speed cities ,10-20 Million is the mainstream car purchase budget for female users . In the consideration of car purchase budget , Women pay more attention to driving comfort and safety , At the same time, I care more about my appearance .

   In terms of consumption preference , The appeal of luxury brands is declining , On the one hand, because more and more women , Have the ability to buy a car , Buying a car is no longer just the privilege and standard of elite women . On the other hand , Women's car buying philosophy is also becoming more pragmatic , Women's financial demand for cars is increasing . In content consumption , Women like to pass tests 、 Obtain automobile information from news and other contents , In addition, travel 、 Food and other non automotive content , It has also attracted the attention of many female users .

Look at the brand pattern : China's new energy brands are rising

   The transformation of market structure , Product and marketing upgrades , It will also bring some changes to the brand pattern . Car house found , The popularity of Chinese brand users 、 Product value continues to rise , Product prices began to enter the mainstream price zone of foreign brands .

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   Travel around points out , Through the clue trend of various brands, we can see , The Chinese brand 、 The share of luxury brands is rising , The share of overseas mainstream brands is declining , In particular, the brand of Chinese brands is particularly obvious , It's not just an increase in quantity , And qualitative change . The trend of overseas mainstream brands , It shows a trend of polarization . among , Japanese 、 German brands have high brand awareness and strong product power , The competitive advantage is gradually increasing , And Korean 、 Legal brands are gradually declining .

   In the key window period of the development of new energy vehicles , The new energy layout of most overseas mainstream brands lags behind , Lack of user attraction . Auto home big data shows , In terms of users' preference for new energy brands , The attention of Chinese brand new energy has reached 57%, Overseas mainstream brands only 16%. Zhou you thinks , In the field of new energy , The layout of overseas mainstream brands lags behind . Of course , No matter how the industry changes , How brands iterate , It is always our products that form a direct link with users .

Look at the trend of product technology : Policy orientation and security demand are both blessed

  “ The transformation of product structure and the two major technical trends of electrification and intelligence , It goes without saying that .” The tour conducted an in-depth analysis of the two major trends of products and Technology , He stressed that , In terms of product trends , The traditional red sea market is cooling down , The large volume of electric vehicles has driven a substantial increase in the attention of minicars , Consumption upgrading 、 The three child policy is good for medium and large vehicles and MPV. And technically , The user to “ Security ” Intelligent network connection function , Driving AIDS 、HUD Looked up and show 、OTA The focus on upgrading and remote control has increased significantly .

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   At the level of motorized products , The endurance that users are most concerned about 、 Charging convenience 、 Charging time . Through the comparison of research data in recent two years, auto home found that , Users are interested in electric vehicles 500 The mileage requirement is still the most important 、 Account for the most , and 800 The demand for high endurance of kilometers and above is increasing . Zhou you thinks , This is mainly due to the marketing of ultra-high endurance products by some automobile enterprises , Higher user expectations .

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   At the charging facility , Users can most accept the layout of charging facilities within two kilometers , And in the charging time, fast charging 30 minute 、 Slow charging 2-4 Hours is the core requirement of users .

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   Intelligence is the key to driving market growth . Auto home big data shows ,5-6 All users pay attention to the relevant configuration of intelligent network connection , This shows that intelligence has become a basic consideration for users to buy a car .

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   Pay attention to the intelligent network configuration , Users pay more attention to the intelligent networking function of security class , Such as driving assistance video 、HUD Head up display, etc . Travel around points out ,“ Various brands also have great differences in the layout of new technologies , China's new forces brand investment is very positive , The standard configuration rate of intelligent network is comparable to that of luxury models , The investment of overseas mainstream brands is slightly insufficient .”( writing / Car home Li Zhengguang )

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