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"Fuel song" lutes Emira opens China reservation and is expected to complete its domestic debut in November

2021-08-25 15:53:59 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 20 Japan , The most versatile Road sports car in the history of lutes , At the same time, it is also the masterpiece of lutes fuel sports car —— Emira Officially open reservation in China .

Emira Based on lutes' new sports car Architecture , Mid engine 、 The layout of rear wheel drive brings excellent tracking performance and precise and agile handling response . The powertrain comes from AMG,2.0 L turbocharged engine matching 8 High performance gold combination of high speed wet double clutch transmission , send Emira 0-100km/h Acceleration time is less than 4.5s. As a pioneer in the field of Lightweight Technology , Lutes is Emira Equipped with a newly developed extruded bonded aluminum chassis , Greatly improve the torsional resistance of the body .

The new car will provide two chassis adjustment styles ,Tour Prefer daily road driving , Perfect balance between dynamic handling and driving comfort ,Sports Is included in “Lotus Drivers Pack” In the optional package , The more sporty suspension system provides more support for the vehicle , Road feedback is clearer , Bring more ultimate experience to the driver .Emira The sunken cabin design is adopted , The body height is only 1225mm, Match the rare in the same class while lowering the center of gravity 20 Inch wheel , Aerodynamic design with written genes , Bring better body stability and handling .

In addition to the eye-catching design , Enter the interior of the car , You will be right. Emira Of “ The universal ” Where there is a clearer feeling . As the last fuel sports car of lutes , In addition to retaining pure driving fun ,Emira It also brings disruptive technological upgrading . The new car is equipped with ACC Adaptive cruise 、AEB Front collision warning 、LDW Lane departure warning 、RSR Including road sign recognition ADAS System , Make daily driving more convenient 、 Security . More Than This , Touch screen 、 Digital dashboard 、KEF Sound and equipment Carplay Smart car systems are telling drivers , This is a car “ The universal ” Of rutus . With “ Driver centered ” Create a modern cockpit with ergonomic design , Achieve the best access height and head space at the same level . Seat provision 12 It is electrically adjustable and specially designed with transverse support , It can not only provide good comfort for daily driving , It can also provide enough wrapping and support during fierce driving .

since 8 month 20 The date of , Lutes official applet will be used as Emira The only designated channel officially opens the reservation , Booking customers will have priority in First Edition Delivery opportunities for versions , The actual vehicle is expected to arrive at 11 The first domestic show was completed at the Guangzhou auto show in June .

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