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Large space class C car, fuel consumption 4.8L, high imported quality, low price, detailed explanation es

2021-08-25 15:54:04 Oriental Information automobile

I believe many people who have a certain understanding of cars , The budget 30-50 About 10000 will choose Audi A4L、 Mercedes E level , This is because in the hedging rate 、 brand , Will be much better than ordinary joint venture cars . But in recent years ,A4L High price and low price 、E Grade II body aluminum to steel , Serious problems such as configuration reduction , It also makes Audi A4L、 Mercedes E Level no longer becomes 30-50 The 10000 level market is the first choice in the eyes of Chinese people . But this model introduced to you today , But it has the most powerful security at the same price 、 More balanced driving experience 、 More economical fuel consumption performance , It is that most old drivers who really understand cars will choose the new Lexus ES, By 2021 year 4 month , lexus ES The cumulative sales of models in the world exceed 265 Ten thousand units , Sell well all over the world 80 Multiple countries and regions , The car body is covered with high-strength steel plate , Safety protection is comparable to “ magic ability to sustain the thrusts of sharp weapons on one's bare skin ”. It's standard to get started 10 airbag ( Air curtain ),30-50 Who else in the 10000 market ? It can be seen that “ Kindness and kindness ” Degree of .

Lexus is 2004 Japanese luxury brands that officially entered the Chinese market in , Compared with German Audi, it's nearly 16 year , So we found another way , Based on product quality 、 High quality after-sales service wins , And its products are basically sold in China by means of import , Therefore, it has been concerned by many consumers since its listing . In this year 7 In the luxury brand sales list in January , Lexus sells monthly 22726 The results of the car beat Cadillac 、 Volvo luxury brands .

And like today's protagonist Lexus ES, stay 2020 Sold in a year 114971 Results of , It has become the best-selling imported luxury car in the domestic market , More Than This , lexus ES It has ranked among the top in the value preservation rate of medium and large luxury cars for many consecutive years “ Top of the list ” Location ,ES opened 4 The hedging rate in was as high as 78.96%! What's the concept ? Compared with Audi A6L The hedging rate in the first year is even higher , You know, a high hedge rate also means that you won't lose too much when changing cars in the future , Moreover, the hedging rate is also related to the after-sales service of the vehicle 、 Word of mouth 、 The quality of the whole vehicle is also closely related . In many ES Under the expectation of car fans , Lexus with medium-term change ES In this year 8 It was officially launched at the end of the month , A total of 10 Models available , Not disappointing “ The king of strength ”, Late but very “ Kindness and kindness ”, Even the screws are fine , It's as comfortable as flying , Keep the value invincible .

New Lexus ES The reason why it is known as a product that doesn't disappoint people “ The king of strength ” Why , Naturally, because it has a very high safety factor 、 Excellent tranquility 、 And excellent fuel economy . This is because of the new ES Born in a new GA-K platform ”, Inherited the gene of high rigid body structure , In addition, there are air bags for the driver and passenger 、 Front and rear side airbags 、 Side air curtain 、 Front passenger and driver knee airbag 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Collision warning ahead 、 At the same time, the emergency steering assist system is added ESA, Added a blessing of many safety technology configurations, such as curve adaptive deceleration function , So that the new ES Reached the five-star safety standard .

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