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The "tough guy" of Nissan Titan overseas real car is not simple

2021-08-25 15:58:10 Oriental Information automobile

Compared to Ford F-150 Models such as , nissan Titan The popularity of the model in the pickup market seems to be much lower , But clearly , Its fame is not directly proportional to its strength , This tough guy rarely mentioned actually has outstanding comprehensive strength . recently , We got a set of Nissan Titan Actual vehicle drawing of vehicle type , We can see from the picture , The new car is equipped with a wide front grille , The interior is equipped with black honeycomb mesh , meanwhile , Both sides of the front grille are equipped with a square headlamp group , The latest family light source layout is adopted inside , Has a fairly high degree of recognition . In addition, we can see , A new car LOGO Will be integrated into the red design , It can make the front of the car have stronger visual impact . Come to the side of the car , The new car is equipped with wide side skirts and foot pedals , meanwhile , The new car has a rather burly figure , The black door handle and the sporty wheel rim can highlight the fashion sense of the vehicle . The rear part , The new car is equipped with a black guard between the tail lamp groups , It can make the vehicle have a more outstanding overall visual feeling . Besides , The wide rear surround can also make us feel the wildness of the vehicle . motivation , nissan Titan Pick up a 5.6L Naturally aspirated V8 The engine , The most powerful 406 horsepower , Peak torque 560 cattle · rice , Transmission system matching 9 Speed automatic transmission .

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