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Jiangsu encountered the new Mercedes Benz s65l, carbon fiber engine cover and copper wheel hub, which cost more than 3.7 million to land

2021-08-25 15:58:14 Oriental Information automobile

New Benz S65L AMG Has entered our country , But very rare , Especially the last limit 130 A Mercedes Benz S65L, It can be said that the real car can hardly be seen , To find Mercedes S65L AMG We've found a lot of places , Finally, I met a new Mercedes Benz in a Mercedes Benz center in Jiangsu S65L AMG, The body has Final Edition 1OF130 sign , This car is .

Iconic wheels in the same color , High gloss black paint , Bronze medium net , Three lane daytime running lights with , This is a S The characteristics of class , The latest design language of Mercedes Benz , It's highly recognizable , It can be seen at a glance , There are... At the fender V12 sign ,C Column has AMG apple logo.

The rear shape is still family , It continues the characteristics of the previous paragraph , So it's hard to see from the rear that this is a 2019 With Mercedes Benz S level AMG S 65 L The collection edition , I just think it has a great aura , Quite noble and high-end , There is... At the back of the car AMG S65L sign , Tail and S63L AMG It's not a big difference .

Take another look at this 2019 paragraph S65L Basic parameters of vehicle body , Its length, width and height are respectively 5.309 rice 、1.914 rice 、1.501 rice , Standard high-end business luxury car size , In fact, it is Mercedes Benz S600L Upgraded version , Large displacement rear drive , And Mercedes S63L Then for 8 Cylinder 4WD , So start running S65L Is not the dominant .

Open the front cover to see this car S65L The engine part of , Carbon fiber cover guard ,AMG sign , Signature of the Engineer , Some people call it the strongest Mercedes Benz S level , Not that it is an acceleration result, but that its engine power . carrying 6.0T 630 horsepower V12 engine , matching 7AT transmission , Some people say why it doesn't match 9AT Where's the gearbox ? At Mercedes Benz AMG Under the comprehensive consideration of the engineer, he chose 7AT transmission .

new S65L AMG A lot of black Nappa Leather material , Diamond grid logo , This is the characteristic of Mercedes Benz's top cars ,AMG Multi-function steering wheel , At the bottom Final Editio sign . The center console, seats and their door window sidelines are bound with copper lines , Carbon fiber panel in central control area , Therefore, the whole cab has both a high-end and steady business atmosphere and a sense of radical movement .

Everywhere in the car Final Edition word , Mercedes S level AMG S 65 L The nobility of the collection , This car is limited in the world 130 platform , The launch of this car also means Mercedes Benz S 65 Is about to end ,V12 There may be fewer and fewer models , It can be said that every generation of Mercedes Benz V12 Models are worth cherishing .

At present, the landing price of this car exceeds 370 Ten thousand yuan , The price of bare car is 307.88 Ten thousand yuan , The purchase tax is as high as 26.6 Ten thousand yuan , And tens of thousands of yuan of insurance premium , For the time being, this car has a super landing 370 Ten thousand yuan , Maybe more than that , As the saying goes, rarity is the most important thing .

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