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The 300000 luxury SUV will be made in China. The extended q5l is difficult to hold on. The interior is too luxurious

2021-08-25 15:59:00 Oriental Information automobile

Lincoln came to the domestic market earlier among luxury brands , But as an American luxury car , Lincoln didn't occupy much of the domestic luxury car market , Instead, it's BBA These German brands have more influence in German cars , But Lincoln never gave up , In particular, new cars have been frequently released in the domestic market in the past two years , Recently, it is finally going to release its first domestic model Corsair.

In the overseas market ,Corsair amount to MKC Successor models , Positioned in the middle SUV, Equivalent to the entry-level model of Lincoln now , At home, Lincoln chose to cooperate with Chang'an , Chang'an Lincoln is about to open the prelude to domestic luxury cars .

Design in appearance , This Lincoln Corsair It basically follows Lincoln's latest family design , I believe many people are already familiar with this design , Huge China open , Exquisite chrome plated strips together have a unique sense of beauty and luxury , And in the design of the whole front face , We can see a lot of scientific and technological equipment , Including the whole car LED Light source and various probes and radars , I believe this car will perform well in auxiliary driving .

In the side design , The machine Corsair Continuing the A beautiful luxury car should have a strong figure and body size , In order to better adapt to the Chinese market , Lincoln also added a lot of fashion elements to it , Including large wheel hub and suspended roof , The size of the hub has reached 20 Inch , The multi frame design adds a lot of luxury to the car , You can also see on the door that the car retains the classic password lock design , It adds a sense of luxury .

The through tail lamp at the rear has been retained, which has a good texture and momentum when matched with the whole rear of the car , From the whole appearance , In today's domestic medium-sized enterprises SUV On , This car can be said to be full of high-end feeling .

And in the interior , It has always been the strength of American cars , In the past, American luxury cars always used real materials , The heavy luxury is very attractive , And in the interior performance of this car , What we see is more sense of design , This car has better performance under the same material .

The interior of the car is basically made of two-color leather and metal , So as to create a unique sense of luxury , Whether the suspended central control screen on the central control or the full LCD instrument on this car will have a tacit integration of luxury and Technology , If you are tired of the invariable design of German luxury cars , This car can bring you different luxury .

On the power , This car has... On the overseas version 2.0T and 2.3T Two dynamic performances , Can we keep it in the domestic version 2.3T It's hard to say yet , It is estimated that 2.0T The main driving force , with 250 Horsepower and 373 Torque performance of NM , It goes with 8AT The transmission . In addition, hybrid models will be introduced into the domestic market in the future .

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