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Ride Kunming to beihai-63 Centennial Shiping railway station

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      From the first long-distance riding in Qinghai Lake ten years ago, I have been riding long-distance every year to see the scenery , Taste local food , Visiting foreign cultures , Record the delicious food, beautiful scenery and beautiful things on the way , Has gradually formed a habit .

Plan the route in detail every spring , Summer travel ,2020 Because of the epidemic, the route and itinerary can not be determined .

Finally, in the summer, the epidemic gradually disappeared , It's planned 50 Kunming, Yunnan for many days — Guangxi Beihai project .

       2020 year 9 month 13 Nippon starts from Yanping station later ,9 month 15 We arrived in Kunming, Yunnan Province on the 8th to start this journey , Until 11 month 4 Flying back to Fuzhou from Beihai City on the afternoon of the 12th ended smoothly . Although I have ridden two long distances in Yunnan ( Once from Kunming to shangri la . Once from Lugu Lake to Tengchong ,) And this time I chose to go to Guangxi , It can be said that the road is fresh every day .

    (9 month 23 Japan )D9 Today, I originally planned to travel along Yilong lake to Jianshui ancient city 40 kilometers away , It began to rain at night , It rains more and more in the morning , Can only be in a daze in the hotel , The rain basically stopped after lunch , Occasionally there is a little light in the crevice of the dark cloud , Hurry to the ancient city for a stroll .

First, I went to the ancient city market and met villagers who sold all kinds of mushrooms , In the face of all kinds of fresh mushrooms, I only dare to buy the familiar red Ru , And beef , In the evening, I'd like to have a self-service Hongru beef hot pot .

Shiping County is called “ The document is named bang ”、 Become the only one in Yunnan “ Chinese historical and cultural district ” In the city .

Visited the former residence of Yuan Jiagu, the only economic expert in Yunnan Province in the ancient city , Yuping Academy 、 Come to the crane Pavilion 、 Zheng's ancestral hall 、 Chen's residence , As well as national cultural relics protection units Qihe tower and Chen ancestral hall 、、、

Then go to the meter gauge Shiping railway station next to the ancient city, which has a history of 100 years , The station is being renovated into a tourist train .

Although the sky is still cloudy, it won't rain any more , So I went to Yilong Lake National Wetland Park by bike for more than ten kilometers .

Tomorrow, go to Jianshui ancient city along Yilong lake .

A rain washed the ancient city of Shiping clean , Under the cloudy sky , The ancient city, which has experienced many vicissitudes, is becoming more and more thick .

Come to the century old Shiping railway station .

      The meter gauge railway in Shiping County belongs to ( used ) brigitte ( Sezhai ) stone ( screen ) Railway Terminal .

A Bishi railway is located in 1908 Planning began in ,1915 Started in ,1936 The whole line was completed and opened to traffic in . Gebishi railway with profound cultural connotation is the first private railway in modern China , It is 20 At the beginning of the 20th century, Shiping witnessed a brilliant commercial era , It is also the lifeblood of economic development in southern Yunnan in modern times .

A few years ago, tourism transportation is being resumed .

Couplet written by Mr. Yuan Jiagu, the number one scholar, for the railway opening ceremony .

Shiping railway station is “ A green stone ”( China's first private railway ) The terminal of , It ended the thousands of years of transportation history of people carrying horses in southern Yunnan .

    The narrow meter gauge leads to distant places , It seems that in the last century, boxes of Pu'er tea were sold from here to Kunming by their ancestors 、 Southeast Asia 、 Beijing 、 Hong Kong .

Hongding 、 Yellow wall 、 Arcade 、 Flagstone road ... All of them are full of historical vicissitudes .

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