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Lin Yun photographed the story behind the blockbuster. He wore concave metal boots and needed two people to walk

2021-08-25 16:31:59 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 21 Japan , Lin Yun updated a dynamic message on his personal social account , It has been dried for a period of time, with a length of 30 The second video , And a caption “ The story behind the blockbuster ”, From the video aired by Lin Yun and the supporting text when drying the video , This should be a big gag video shot by Lin Yun , From Lin Yun's performance in the video , Lin Yun is very dedicated to shooting blockbusters .

Lin Yun put several effect pictures in this video , From these effect pictures , This group of blockbusters shot by Lin Yun is quite good , Not only does it seem that she has a high temperament , And it also creates a foreign atmosphere , It feels like an international blockbuster , Lin Yun also showed some gags of her shooting blockbusters in this video , however , From Lin Yunfang's gags , Lin Yun looks a little embarrassed .

Lin Yun is wearing a light blue dress , The hairstyle is still shawl and long hair , In terms of clothes and hairstyle , Lin Yun didn't have much to see in his clothes and hairstyle , however , From the shoes Lin Yun wears , It brightens people's eyes , Lin Yun is wearing a pair of metal high boots , The heel of this shoe is quite high , When Lin Yun turned his back to the camera , Are particularly eye-catching .

There is a sad story behind the beauty , Lin Yun also showed several videos of himself walking in this video , Lin Yun can't walk in metal boots , When she walks , There are two people holding her , Even if two people hold her , She also stumbles , Like a baby just learning to walk , To shake .

This video released by Lin Yun soon became popular on the Internet , And it has aroused hot comments from netizens , Lin Yun's golden boots have become the focus of netizens' attention and hot discussion , A netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ This shoe should be borrowed from Zhang Yuqi ”, Another netizen left a message in the comment area ,“ International face ! give the thumbs-up ”, Although Lin Yun's metal boots were ridiculed , But her blockbuster has won the affirmation of netizens .

Judging from Lin Yun's behind the scenes facial expression in his metal boots , I know how uncomfortable Lin Yun is wearing gold high boots , This group of blockbusters filmed by Lin Yun has been affirmed by netizens , Her efforts and hard work were not in vain , however , Come back , Do you think Lin Yun's spelling is worth it ?

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