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Jiang Wenli's casual wear "diary" teaches you to retain charm, simple and generous

2021-08-25 16:32:09 Oriental Information automobile

Once a man has grown up , There will be many problems to consider , But also pay more and more attention to personal image management , therefore , Most of the time, dressing will be based on appropriateness , Gradually get farther and farther away from your ideal state . Actually , sometimes , In our daily life , You can do whatever you want , Follow your heart to choose , And it will be better to wear and match with comfortable and leisure clothes .

The greatest charm of leisure clothing lies in the characteristics of clothing version and fabric , It can create a comfortable upper body experience , Let yourself have a good state of relaxation , Then it presents a simple and generous modeling feeling , Make it comfortable and stylish . for instance , Star Jiang Wenli likes to choose casual clothes to wear .

56 Jiang Wenli , Wear a long shirt with leggings in private , become “ middle-aged person ” Templates , Very fashionable , Jiang Wenli's casual wear “ Diary ”, The shape is simple and generous , Teach you to retain your charm . Although Jiang Wenli's clothes look ordinary , However, the comfort of clothing version is very high , It can be well dressed , At the same time, it can also create a distinctive attraction . below , If you are interested in Jiang Wenli's casual clothes , Might as well continue to look down !

Casual and fashionable wear

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