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After the audience waited for three years, Peng Yu, the first brother of Internet University, made another move

2021-08-25 16:32:15 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 21 Japan , It is far from the domestic fantasy masterpiece expected by the audience 《 Legend of Yulong Xiuxian 2: Warcraft frontier 》 There are less than 20 Hours , As 3 One of the most popular works of domestic fantasy works before , The film can be said to have attracted much attention , as for 3 Years later, , Can it bring more surprises to the audience , The audience needs to read it before making a comment .

Or simply talk about this 《 Legend of Yulong Xiuxian 2: Warcraft frontier 》 Well , The film is still played and starred by Peng Yu, who is known as the first brother of Internet University , Du fengyurong 、 Raymond 、 Xu Yuanyuan 、 Chen Liwei 、 Bian Mingyu 、 Zhao Jiayi and others joined , It's still the newcomers who pick the beam .

Peng Yu's most talked about by the audience is the special effects of his works , Three years ago ,《 Legend of Yulong Xiuxian 》 Can be noticed , It also depends on the visual effects of the explosion , Judging from the notice , This time, , The special effects are still amazing , After three years, , Peng Yu directed the series again , It can also be regarded as fulfilling the wishes of many viewers , Let the audience look forward to .

As a fantasy work , The film continues the first , It mainly tells the story of the adventures of Fu Yan, a mortal physique cultivator, and Jianling , This season , The sword spirit is still very interesting , Let the audience's expectations soar .

In general , These two years , Online movies of various themes can be said to emerge one after another , however , There are only a few that can really be called classics , therefore , This is why many viewers have a special feeling for this work , I hope this time , This work can bring you different surprises .

As a recognized big brother of the Internet , Peng Yu's grasp of immortal Xia and fantasy works is still very good , Especially in terms of special effects , It's worth mentioning , It's worth learning from many directors . No matter what , I still hope Peng Yu's work can achieve good results , Whether the second season can win everyone's recognition , Let the audience comment .

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