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2020 new Yuena has been listed in a high profile

2021-08-25 16:41:20 Oriental Information automobile

This paper mainly from the vehicle appearance 、 dynamic system 、 Driving sense 、 Durability 、 Cost performance , Talk about your views on this car , It also provides a reference for car buyers .

Vehicle appearance

Hyundai Yuena is a compact entry-level car , But the appearance of the car is not good at all , Still keep the gene of Korean cars , The appearance of the vehicle includes the coquettish modeling of contemporary automobile sports , The normal shape is quite exaggerated , Especially the front face of the vehicle , Various angular lines match , The owner looked at , Carry out with drive and sweep , It's like a small sedan .

And the rear of the vehicle adopts a through tail lamp , This design style is more fashionable 、 Gorgeous , The whole vehicle gets rid of the shadow of entry-level vehicles .

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