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Jet Li collected hundreds of millions of heavenly beads in his later years. Netizen: he can't earn so much money in his life

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Speaking of jet li , I think everyone should be familiar with , Jet Li is a household name in China , Jet Li 1963 year 4 month 26 Born in Beijing, China , His ancestral home is Shenyang, Liaoning Province , Chinese movie actor 、 The director 、 producer 、 Martial arts athletes 、 The merchant . And everyone's deepest impression of Jet Li is the martial arts Superstar , Believe that a lot of 80 after 、90 Even after 00 Friends after , Have seen Jet Li's films , Jet Li is highly ornamental because of his deductive style , Loved by the audience .

Martial arts superstar jet li

Now Jet Li is close to 60 year , I should have enjoyed my old age , But Jet Li didn't live well in his later years , Often with injuries , The image of Jet Li on the screen recently seems , His face is slightly haggard , It's really worrying . Throughout Jet Li's life , He was born in martial arts , I have practiced martial arts since childhood and entered the entertainment circle , Especially with 《 The shaolin temple 》 Since then, he has gained a firm foothold in the entertainment industry . After that, Jet Li starred in a series of martial arts films , For example, we are familiar with 《 huang feihong 》 series 、《 Fang Shiyu 》、《 Five ancestors of Shaolin 》、《 Zhongnanhai bodyguard 》 etc. , It can be said that it has earned enough popularity in China . You can see , Jet Li basically plays martial arts films , Now Jet Li, who has both fame and wealth , Although there is endless money , But health is still worrying .

Jet Li's old age

While Jet Li is plagued with injuries , Jet Li fell in love with collecting Buddha beads , One of the most famous is the heavenly eye Buddha beads . The value of this heavenly eye Buddha bead is now as high as hundreds of millions of yuan , This is something that ordinary people can't imagine all their life . Heavenly eye Buddha beads are also called nine eye heavenly beads , Mainly from Tibet 、 Bhutan 、 Ladakh and other Himalayan regions , The nine eye heavenly pearl is a very rare gem . You can see , The Buddha beads look like circles , It's actually a dark triangle , Full color , The bead body is intact and basically intact , It's a perfect collection , Its value level 、 Collection potential is superior . And the heavenly Pearl also means beauty in Tibet 、 Wealth 、 health , The Tibetan language is “ Siyi ”, Wearing heavenly beads can ward off evil spirits 、 Blood disease 、 Prevent stroke 、 Enhance the effect of internal Qi , No wonder Jet Li loves the heavenly eye Buddha beads so much , First, I didn't live well in my old age , I hope God brings me good luck , Second, I hope I can be safe in the future 、 It's healthy .

Jet Li is worth hundreds of millions of heavenly eye Buddha beads

In fact, there was a little story before Jet Li loved Tianzhu , Once on the way to filming , I happened to pass by a temple , The crew said that there was an eminent monk , Very powerful , So they prepared to go up and pray . Jet Li, out of curiosity , And followed in , Before leaving , The eminent monk held jet li , Said a word :“ This benefactor , I think you and I are destined , Please go to the backyard and invite a string of heavenly beads , Can solve problems , turn calamities into blessings .” Jet Li listened , Not bad money , I asked for a string of heavenly beads , Later Jet Li went to Indonesia for vacation , Encountered a tsunami , Many people blew into the sea , And Jet Li's family are lucky , Met a big tree , Until the lifeguards came to save Jet Li's family . since , Jet Li thought Tianzhu saved his family , So I believe more in the collection of heavenly beads , Tianzhu can bring good luck to yourself .

Jet Li

It is said that Jet Li has only two strings of heavenly beads in the world , A string is on the Buddha statue of Sakyamuni , A string is in Jet Li's hand , Now the value of this string of heavenly beads is as high as hundreds of millions of yuan .

Although Jet Li did not live well in his later years , From time to time, injuries haunt me , Even rumors of death , But I still hope Jet Li can be safe 、 It's healthy , After all, he is the memory of our generation .

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