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New Tianlong eight: Douban opens 3.6, the tragedy of remake

2021-08-25 16:48:24 Oriental Information automobile

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While moving bricks recently , I watched the new version of Tianlong eight . Tianlong eight remakes many editions . I saw Huang Rihua when I was a child 97 edition , also 03 I am most impressed by the Hu Jun version .

Each have advantages and disadvantages ,97 The actors in the version are very good at acting, but they can be limited to the special effects and venues at that time . Not as good as 03 More exterior scenes , The scene is big , Good special effects .

03 When I saw Lin Zhiying play Duan Yu in the version , I never thought he was 《 Handsome siblings 》 The little fish in the , Not alone at all . Duan Yu's bookishness and Duan Yu's infatuation , It's all played out .

03 The fake bamboo played by Gao Hu is more close to the original , It just doesn't match the shape . In any case, he is not a fledgling silly and ugly monk . It looks like a smart face , You have to pretend to be stupid .

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