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Electric vehicles have ushered in new regulations. If there is no direct penalty for this action, the owner should pay attention

2021-08-25 16:52:58 Oriental Information automobile

With the development of the economy , Now more and more people are buying cars , Compared to ten years ago , The number of cars has increased to a certain number , At present, private cars have exceeded 2.91 Billion . But now there's a problem , Is it better to drive a car or an electric car ? Both modes of transportation have their own advantages , But many electric car owners prefer to own cars , But some drivers envy that electric cars are unimpeded , Riding is more free . however , From the growth data of electric vehicle ownership , At present, it is the largest means of transportation , More and more, but this also shows the practicability and convenience of electric vehicles .

Now for the convenience of the people , There are not only shared cars , Even the shared electric car came out , And when it comes to the market , Very good results . however , Electric cars always have a problem , There is a lack of safety , Coupled with management tolerance , So when electric cars and cars have accidents these years , Electric car owners are the most injured . Now for the safety of the people , A new regulation has been implemented , Without this action, you will be punished directly , Attention, car owners .

In accordance with the relevant provisions , Electric vehicles must wear helmets when driving on the road , No matter which city it is, it will ask , If there is no local implementation , It's just a matter of managing time , Only let car owners wear helmets , To ensure the greatest safety of the owner . For the sake of safety , New regulations for electric vehicles are constantly implemented , see “ Shared helmet ” coming , Car owners don't need to buy one , You can rent a helmet anytime, anywhere at a fixed location . Actually , Most people who use shared helmets are caught by traffic police , And owners who don't have helmets , This doesn't require the owner to buy a helmet to drive , That's all . Actually , Strictly require electric vehicles to wear helmets , You should have your own helmet , It would be more convenient , Return economy . Otherwise, it costs a few dollars to rent a helmet every day , It takes dozens of a month to buy 2、3 I changed my helmet .

Now , Strict management of electric vehicles , Sharing electric vehicles also requires , As long as it's a motorcycle on the road 、 Electric cars should be worn , Therefore, in some cities, it is required to wear helmets when riding shared electric vehicles , Or you'll be punished . At present, Nanchang 、 xuzhou 、 Changsha 、 yangzhou 、 Hulhot has implemented , If the implementation effect is good , It is expected to be popularized all over the country , We should pay attention to .

This helmet is tied to a shared electric car , You can't take it off without permission , Pay attention here , No, 16 Year old can't ride a shared electric car , If found, the traffic police will educate or punish them . actually , The number of electric vehicles is increasing year by year , If you don't strengthen the owner's riding skills , And the knowledge of traffic safety , Then traffic accidents will chatter , Because there will be more and more problems caused by electric vehicles , Strict requirements for electric vehicle driving , Also for everyone's safety . friends , What do you think of this ? Leave your opinion .

source : Ding Dong car anecdotes

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