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When buying a Porsche Cayenne S, the big G car owner thumbed up when he met the pilot, and the atmosphere was harmonious

2021-08-25 16:53:01 Oriental Information automobile

Porsche Cayenne S It's an upgraded version of Cayenne , Better power performance , It is suitable for those riders who require high power , There is also the problem of face , For the best in business, cayenne can't meet their inner needs , Cayenne S and turbo Coupled with matching, this can meet their business needs .

Buy a Porsche Cayenne now S There are also many riders , The picture shows a young boss in Anhui who spent 150 A Cayenne bought for 10000 yuan S, This is an add-on car , From a parallel inlet , The price is not cheap , After all, it's a Porsche Cayenne S. When collecting the car, I met a Lincoln Navigator ( l ), And a Mercedes Benz G, Big G The owner gave a thumbs up , Make the scene atmosphere more harmonious , This may be the embodiment of EQ of business people .

Porsche Cayenne S The shape of the car body is very beautiful , That dynamic front face contour , It reveals a sense of movement , Of course, it is not very different from the appearance of ordinary Cayenne , If the ordinary version of Cayenne is matched, its appearance and shape are the same as that of Cayenne S almost , It's just that the power performance is different , Cayenne S The acceleration result of 100 is one second faster than that of ordinary Cayenne , This second seems small, but the texture is different .

porsche Cayenne S Stop at Mercedes Benz G And Lincoln's Navigator , Its length, width and height are respectively 4.918 rice 、1.983 rice 、1.696 rice , Weight of the super 2 Tons of , The visual effect is particularly thick and powerful , luxury SUV Paragon .

porsche Cayenne S Through taillights , High night driving recognition , It can also ensure the safety of driving , The tail throat with two rows and four out can show its strength , Power performance and handling are the characteristics of Porsche , For a sports car enterprise, control and power output are nothing at all , It can be said that it is like searching for things .

Cayenne S The benefits of proper suspension alignment , Front and rear multi link independent suspension , Central differential lock with multi disc clutch structure , Full-time four-wheel drive system , It carries 2.9T 440 horsepower V6 engine ,6 Cylinder high-power engine , matching 8AT transmission , I don't feel frustrated when I downshift and decelerate , Actually measured 5.16 You can break 100 kilometers per hour in seconds .

Cayenne S The back row , Classic red and black interior design , The interior is almost wrapped in full leather , Everything you can touch is very comfortable , There are many high-end configurations in the car , It can overcome the disadvantages of leather seats ( It's cold in winter , Hot in summer ), For car owners at this price, these are not important at all , What they need is grade , The grade must not fall .

The owner said :“ I'll buy a Cayenne S It's also because of business , Sometimes you really have to spend money when you want to get into a better circle , A luxury car must be a ticket , Need something else , Otherwise you won't get business information , In fact, people at every level are not easy .”

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