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3.8 million yuan McLaren 720s "buy one get one free"? It makes people laugh when they see the car at the store

2021-08-25 16:53:07 Oriental Information automobile

McLaren is a true super car brand , Well known in the industry , There are many models under it , The main 300 Super run at the price of more than 10000 yuan , At present, McLaren 720S It sells quite well , The appearance and performance can be compared with Ferrari 488 Comparison , But their prices are different , Mclaren 720S A little cheaper .

Not long ago, a local McLaren Center launched “ Buy 1 Get 1 FREE ” policy ,380 Ten thousand yuan can buy “ Two vehicles ” McLaren is super fast , Many young people are curious to see the car , I couldn't help laughing when I got to the store , The shopkeeper didn't lie , The two McLaren in the picture are parked together, which is very harmonious , The Yellow McLaren on the left P1 It's a children's car .

Generally speaking, the super running consumers are unmarried young people , There are also some young dads , So here's “ Buy 1 Get 1 FREE ” It meets their needs , Dad drives McLaren 720S, My son is still Karen P1 Children's car , I have to say this “ Mclaren P1” The workmanship of the children's car is very fine , Quite high-end, with a sense of grade .

This is a 2019 McLaren 720S 4.0T Coupe, Open the butterfly door , Orange car paint , Very publicity , This is the current generation of McLaren 720S The main push color . Its length, width and height are respectively 4.543 rice 、1.93 rice 、1.196 rice , Self weight is 1.283 Tons of , So it's very flexible , Fast acceleration , Its mechanical quality has been unanimously recognized by people in the industry .

Mclaren 720S The rear of the car , Carbon fiber Kit , Big tail , The tailpipe is relatively high , After the ignition, you can hear the engine sound , It carries 4.0T 720 horsepower V8 Twin turbo engine , The engine model is M840T, The match is 7 Fast double clutch gearbox (DCT), its 0-100km/h The acceleration score reached 2.9 Seconds of good results .

Super runs are more delicate , The clearance between its chassis and is very low , Therefore, the requirements for road conditions are very high , The range of activities of super running is very small , So we can often see that some super runners only ran twenty or thirty thousand kilometers in seven or eight years .

Mclaren 720S The chassis adjustment is too hard , The front and rear suspensions are double wishbone independent suspensions , And the dimensions of the front and rear wheels are different , Front wheel is 245/35 R19, The rear wheel is 305/30 R20, Front and rear ceramic ventilation discs , Electric parking , In order to ensure good handling and driving fun , Engineers are very strict about the choice of tires , It can be said that every data has been strictly calculated and tested , So super running is more like a modern mechanical art .

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