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Corolla 1.2t is a good car, but I found it after driving. I still miss the 1.6L five years ago!

2021-08-25 16:53:10 Oriental Information automobile

Toyota Corolla is a global model , The first Corolla was born in 1966 year , Thereafter 55 years , It's sold all over the world 140 Multiple countries and regions , The total sales volume has exceeded 4900 Thousands of cars , is “ The world's largest car series ”, The Chinese version of Carola is different from that of other countries , In response to China's automobile emission regulations , At the same time, keep up with the trend of China's auto market , Toyota matched the Chinese version of corolla 1.2TCVT dynamic system , After driving this car , I'm sure it's a good car with corolla .

corolla 1.2T It's a good car

Toyota has taken an unusual path in China , In order to compete with domestic cars , Start focusing on cost performance , By reducing the price of vehicles ( lavida 、 Get moving 、 baolai 、 Yinglang and others all have 2 The preferential amount of 10000 starts ), Trying to get back some sales , But Toyota Corolla is an exception , This car offers very little discount , Basically all in 1 All the , And Carola's pricing is high , This has also led to 1.2TCVT The landing price of corolla in the version basically reached 14 ten thousand , This price is similar to that of Sagitar 1.2T7DCT The models are quite .

Toyota Corolla uses a new TNGA Architecture platform , The platform makes Carola's center of gravity low , The interior space of the vehicle becomes spacious , For car owners , This is definitely a Gospel , After all, Carola's driving sense is more solid 、 Calm and steady , The ride experience has also become more spacious , And the security configuration of the new corolla has been greatly improved , All standard 8 airbag 、 Lane departure warning system 、 Lane keeping assist system 、 Take the initiative to brake / Active safety system , And installed ESC The body is stable 、TCS Traction control system , The safety and stability of the vehicle have been greatly improved . Toyota corolla 1.2TCVT models , It's a good car , There is no doubt about it .

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