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Which is better, naturally aspirated or turbocharged? The repairman told the truth. I hope you made the right choice

2021-08-25 16:53:20 Oriental Information automobile

at present , Cars have become one of the most convenient means of transportation for ordinary people , And there are more policy implications , Buying a car is becoming more and more convenient . But when buying a car , Many people have already determined the later cost of the car from the beginning , In addition to considering the appearance part , When buying a car, you should look at the inside , Spare parts 、 The quality of the machine is excellent , Then its durability will be much better than other cars , It can also save a lot of things . however , When you buy a car, you must pay attention to the car engine , This is related to later use . For the moment , The most popular in the market are turbocharged engine and naturally aspirated engine .

The controversy between the two has been chattering , Some car owners think turbocharged engines are more valuable , At high speed , Enough power , But some car owners think that the turbocharged engine is not durable , It's hard to get into work at ordinary times , It can't be solved without 10000 yuan for a maintenance . So turbocharging is better than natural suction ? Let's hear what the maintenance master said .

The difference between driving experience

Naturally aspirated is slower than turbocharged torque explosiveness , In general , Naturally aspirated engines are 2000—3000 When it comes to torque , Acceleration doesn't feel very strong , But as the speed increases , Get into 4000 After the state of , Torque began to explode , Only then will the car speed up , Simply speaking , Its acceleration is climbing step by step , After reaching a certain level , Burst out . Turbocharged engines are different , Speed reached 2000 when , After the turbine intervenes , The acceleration of the car has increased significantly , This stage is the explosion of turbocharging , Much earlier than naturally inhaled , So the power is a little stronger than the increase of turbine .

The difference between subsequent maintenance

The later maintenance of the car is particularly important , I chose the right engine when I bought the car , The cost of later maintenance will be much cheaper . On the whole , The maintenance cost of turbocharging will be higher , Its advantage is that it is explosive , But it's also a disadvantage , It will bring instability in operation , Parts are prone to damage . You can compare German cars with Japanese cars , Compared with German system, there is often a sound of oil leakage 、 Burn the engine oil , However, the naturally aspirated engine used in Japanese cars rarely has this problem . in addition , The cost of turbocharging is high , It is a high-end engine , The engine oil required for maintenance is good , So its maintenance is higher . And naturally aspirated engines , Stable 、 cheap , The maintenance requirements are not particularly high , So in this respect , Natural inspiration is a good recommendation .

Fuel consumption

It's easy to measure this data , At the same time, add 200 Yuan oil , Just take a trip to the highway . Fuel consumption has a lot to do with the engine , Generally speaking, turbocharged engine has more advantages at high speed , Add 28 A car with about a liter of oil , A car 1.5T A car with an engine can run at most 300 Many kilometers . however , Natural inspiration is also very energy-saving , Whether it's on a highway or a provincial highway 、 The city , The fuel consumption is relatively stable ,2.0L A hundred kilometers away 6 About one oil .

relatively speaking , Turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines have different advantages , In the case of turbocharging 1.5T Of , Low fuel consumption , But the motivation is not enough , And the stability of natural inhalation is strong , Use 5 There won't be much problem in a year , But turbocharging may burn oil , So when people buy cars , You can't just pay attention to your appearance , Also consider the engine 、 Gearbox, etc . friends , What do you think of this ? Leave your opinion .

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