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How old is a 100000 kilometer car equivalent to a person? Old driver: most people are wrong

2021-08-25 16:53:24 Oriental Information automobile

The car has brought a lot of convenience to people's life , But cars bring so many benefits , At the same time, it also brings some bad places . The most unpleasant thing is that cars cost too much money , Spend so much money to buy it home , As a result, it needs more money to support it , The most expensive thing is not to maintain the car, but to refuel , For car owners who use cars more frequently, it costs thousands of yuan to fill up the fuel in just one month . The longer the car is used , The more places you need to spend money , Many car owners are also curious , A 100000 kilometer car , Equivalent to the age of a person ?

The new car is like a newborn baby , Many features need to be developed by the car owner , The car has been driving for about five years, which is actually the peak condition , It's like a young man in his twenties . But once the car is ten years old , This time is actually equivalent to 40 years old , Slowly into middle age , At this time, all kinds of car problems slowly came out , This is also the time when car owners need to spend money to see , Otherwise, the condition of the car will get worse and worse .

But the old driver said that now many car owners are wrong , Many car owners feel that the car has entered its old age . But in fact, all functions of the car will not become very poor at this time , As long as the car owners take good care of it , The car is just entering middle age , It doesn't go directly into old age . If car owners work hard on maintenance , I believe I'm driving 100000 kilometers , Cars are still as strong as cattle !

And if you want to drive your car for 100000 kilometers without problems , This is not easy to do , Because most car owners don't know that car maintenance is just , Most people only know how to change the oil ,4S The store will maintain whatever it says . But car owners need to know , There are many car maintenance items , If you want to love the car without problems, you must first find out how many kilometers you need to maintain .

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