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New Guinness Seth gv80 overseas real car Korean high-end medium and large SUV

2021-08-25 16:53:29 Oriental Information automobile

before , Janice Seth GV80 We were quite impressed by the model , It has a rather rich luxury attribute , The aura is quite strong , therefore , Many car fans are optimistic about the prospect of new cars . recently , We got a set of denises GV80 Actual vehicle drawing of vehicle type , Front part , The front grille of the new car is quite eye-catching , It has a very rich luxury attribute , Besides , The new car is equipped with a highly recognizable headlamp set . We can still see that , The new car adopts a sporty front surround design , A black diamond mesh will be integrated inside the vent in the middle , Show some athletic properties . The rear part , The new car adopts the tail lamp group design corresponding to the headlamp group , It has a very outstanding overall visual feeling . Into the car , The new car is equipped with a novel double width multifunctional steering wheel , meanwhile , The suspended central control screen will not be absent , Besides , As a model that focuses on the luxury market , The sense of quality and grade inside the new car is not inferior to the mainstream luxury brands in the current market . motivation , The new Denise GV80 Provide... In overseas markets 2.5T Engine and 3.5L V6 Two engines , The maximum power is respectively 309 Horsepower and 358 horsepower ; In addition, new cars are also available in Korean and European markets 3.0TDI V6 Diesel engine , The most powerful 282 horsepower , Peak torque 588 cattle · rice , Transmission system matching 8 Speed automatic transmission .

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