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The new Porsche Cayenne coupe lava orange is very handsome

2021-08-25 17:00:03 Oriental Information automobile

Luxury car brands SUV turn , Porsche can be said to be the leader , Porsche has won the recognition of the market by virtue of its excellent sports car appearance and power performance , And cayenne ()Coupe It's cross-border SUV On the road to do more extreme , It's even hard for you to define whether this is a SUV Or sedan car running .

The iconic large and round headlights are embedded on both sides of the hood , Large mouth matrix grille , It's very domineering , The overall shape of the low side , Bulging muscle lines , The tail lamp design is different from the current models , There is no more strong technology atmosphere through the tail lamp , Instead, it is replaced by a larger matrix tail lamp .


The highest version of the interior Coupe Turbo The model has its own metal door frame pedal ,Turbo Coupe Dual port is configured 7.0 Five inch barrel color LCD dashboard , and 12.3 Inch center touch screen , Built in Porsche PCM System .

Cayenne Coupe The basic model carries one 3.0 L turbocharged V6 The engine (335 horsepower ,450N·m); Cayenne Coupe S Pick up a 2.9 L twin turbo V6 The engine (434 horsepower ,550N·m); Cayenne Turbo Coupe Is carrying a 4.0 L twin turbo V8 The engine (541 horsepower ,770N·m), All three models are matched with one 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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