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Lang hang has carried the car for a month, and he has a lot to say

2021-08-25 17:00:07 Oriental Information automobile

When buying a car , My friend recommended this car to me , So is the car easy to drive ? I've been collecting the car for a month , I have a lot to say , Let's talk about the quality of this car , Let's see :

Beautiful appearance, low fuel consumption, cheap maintenance, durable leather, after buying 2 Months out 1.2T Ah, it's a little small in my heart, and the lost space can be very large. Wheelbase 2.6 The meter is enough, the power can only be said to be just enough. As long as you step on that point, the public control is really very good and acceptable. The fuel consumption is not independent suspension in the back, but the filtering is very good. The appearance is very foreign. It's my favorite type

Volkswagen's interior is regular - The dust remains the same, but it's pleasing to see for a long time. I don't like hatchbacks within the range I can accept - I always like being different. It's too good and I can't afford to buy a langhang. The car meets my requirements in all aspects. Other problems are nothing Said the car was hard , As a result, the scratch is still very serious. It still needs to be overhauled Space is general , The middle of the main rear row is too high , Waste a lot of space

I've been driving for a few months , I feel really powerless , especially 1 Shift 2 It's so slow in gear The only thing I think is good handling , It's easy to drive , It's also very stable Probably 5 Maozuo , Just so The vibration of the car is not very obvious , But the seats are really hard , Not very comfortable The appearance of Volkswagen is not very special

It's plastic , The seat itself is cloth , I pulled a skin , The quality of the delivery is not good 12 Over the ground , German car , There are still some functions , But with Japanese cars . Domestic cars are really no better than family cars , Security , economic

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