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I regret that I bought the BMW X5 early. This car is purely imported, with a fuel consumption of 6L, which is more elegant than the Audi A7

2021-08-25 17:13:47 Oriental Information automobile

With the development of economy and the increase of people's disposable income , The demand for medium and high-end cars is also growing . In recent years, there are more and more luxury cars running on the road . For most people , Drive a fancy car out , Not only is the driving experience more comfortable , It's also more face saving . Nowadays, the first-line luxury brand in China is nothing more than Mercedes Benz 、 BMW 、 Audi . Facing the broad domestic market , Second tier luxury brands such as Lexus 、 Cadillac and others are also trying to develop models with excellent product power to please consumers , To expand market share . Today we also talk about a luxury car -- Volvo V60. It not only has more advantages than Audi A7 It also has an imposing appearance ,6L The fuel consumption is also very economical , Higher speed than Audi Q5 Still stable . However, after being introduced into China in the form of pure import , Sales did not meet expectations . Nowadays, the price of entry-level models of terminals in some regions is insufficient 25 ten thousand , The cost performance has also been further improved . Many car fans said they regretted BMW after watching it X5 Buy early , This car is not fully imported 25 ten thousand , Fuel consumption 6L, High speed ratio Q5 Still stable

Speaking of Volvo , Its performance in the foreign market is far behind that in the domestic market . This kind of V60 It has a better position abroad than Audi A6 All tall , However, it is marginalized at home . Maybe it's because the station wagon is still a minority model in China , In addition, Volvo's brand influence in China is still less than BBA, therefore V60 The sales volume of is far less than that of BMW 3 Travel Edition and Audi A4L Travel version . But its product power is quite good , Now we might as well take a detailed look at its performance

In this era of intense competition , Volvo V60 The update speed of is also relatively fast . The latest model at the auto show V60 It is also closely following the aesthetic trend of the times , Become younger and more athletic . Although it's a station wagon , The domineering appearance looks better than Audi A7 Also dignified . The large-area family grille decorated with chrome plated strips is equipped with a T-shaped LED headlight , It is dazzling and gives people a fierce sense of domineering . The side lines are relatively strong , The slender body is equipped with whirlwind petal aluminum alloy wheels , It gives people an elegant and handsome feeling . The design of the tail is slightly muscular , Very three-dimensional and hierarchical , The sickle shaped tail lamp has unique recognition . On the whole , Than the audi A7 Also dignified

As a luxury car , All-new Volvo V60 The interior is also very attentive in creating a sense of luxury . The large central control screen has a good resolution . Support constant speed cruise 、 Reversing video and other functions . The three spoke multifunction steering wheel is wrapped in leather , Delicate grip . The seats are wrapped in leather , More sporty . Support lumbar support 、 Height adjustment 、 Front and rear row heating, etc , It's very comfortable . The interior with black rice color contrast design also creates a warm and bright atmosphere . Configuration , Hill auxiliary 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 Pollen filtration 、 Fatigue driving tips 、 Automatic parking 、 There are many practical devices such as tire pressure monitoring

motivation ,V60 Yes 2.0T High and low power versions can be selected . The maximum power is respectively 140kw and 180kw. Transmission in , matching 8 Self - contained gearbox . Quite comfortable in handling , Higher speed than Audi Q5 Still stable . 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption in 6 l . In suspension , Front McPherson independent suspension and rear multi link independent suspension are adopted . The chassis is quite solid , But the suspension is a little hard , Shock absorption needs to be improved . A hundred kilometers is speeding up 7 About seconds . In addition, the 4WD version will be provided

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