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Overseas 2.5 liter four cylinder, domestic 1.5T three cylinder, landing nearly 200000, netizen: handsome appearance!

2021-08-25 17:13:51 Oriental Information automobile

For friends who like Mitsubishi cars , Whether it's Mitsubishi Jinxuan or the classic Mitsubishi Pajero , It can be said that they are all Mitsubishi SUV Typical representative of vehicle type , And as a Mitsubishi classic , household SUV Mitsubishi Outlander , No matter which generation of model it is, it can be said that it has left a deep impression , Whether in the internal space or in the power system , Mitsubishi Outlander has always been a household SUV The best of them . Recently, the new Mitsubishi Outlander has appeared in the overseas market , The positioning of the new model is still a familiar compact family car SUV, Moreover, the new Mitsubishi Outlander has undergone obvious changes in appearance and power , Because the overseas version of Mitsubishi Outlander is equipped with the latest 2.5 L engine , And this one 4 The maximum power of the cylinder engine can reach 135 kw , Maximum torque can be achieved 245 Cattle meters , At the same time, the car also provides a computer that can simulate 8 Fast CVT Automatic transmission . In the future, after domestic production , The new Mitsubishi Outlander belongs to the same platform as the latest Nissan Qijun , Therefore, the domestic version of this car is likely to be the same as Nissan Qijun , All adopt the latest 1.5T Turbocharged three cylinder engine as power .

It is worth mentioning that , At present, according to the information obtained , The domestic version of Mitsubishi Outlander will be released as soon as this year 10 Small batch trial production will be carried out in January , And officially listed next year , Friends who like this car have finally got new news .

From the appearance of the vehicle , The new domestic Mitsubishi version of outlander will adopt the same vehicle appearance design as the overseas version , Compared with the previous generation , There has been a significant upgrade in appearance , It is not only equipped with the latest style of air inlet grille of Mitsubishi , And there are a lot of metal chrome decoration , Simultaneous split LED Headlights and front fog lamps , All adopt the latest light source design , It makes the whole car look exquisite , At the same time, as a classic compact home SUV, The car also introduces 20 Inch aluminum alloy wheels and the latest style of multi-level LED Rear lamp , And the familiar suspended roof design .

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