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Is the BMW X7 worth more than one million? Repairman: just look at the chassis

2021-08-25 17:13:57 Oriental Information automobile

BMW X7 Is it worth more than a million ? As we all know, BMW likes to mention control and driving fun in luxury brands , But this time BMW didn't mention a word about handling , It is BMW's top flagship SUV BMW X7, Let's take a look at how it can integrate comfort into BMW X7 In your blood ? Is it worth more than a million , The repairman said he would know if he looked up at the chassis .

When you get into this car, it's longer than 5 The full size of meters SUV when , I believe what you want is no longer the driving fun of BMW , It's a time of luxury and leisure , Look through your circle of friends or email from time to time , Or drive leisurely to any place you want to go . BMW X7 Positioned as the flagship of the brand SUV7 seat ( or 6 seat ) The layout is to better take into account the family , The passengers on the three row seats are no longer BMW Z4 The girl who accompanies you to seek excitement in the co pilot , But a daughter-in-law who enjoys the holiday with you 、 Children and elderly parents .

BMW X7 The bottom of the car is very flat , Covered with a lot of aluminum alloy 、 Protective board made of resin and other materials , This is very helpful for the aerodynamic improvement of the underbody , The thicker metal guard is harmful to the engine 、 The gearbox can also play a certain protective role . Compared with the steering motor arranged on the steering column, the steering motor arranged on the underbody , Greater help can be achieved , about X7 It's more necessary for such a big man . Air suspension means that the traditional spiral spring is replaced by air spring , combination X7 Equipped with variable damping shock absorber, it can automatically adjust the stiffness and height of the suspension . let me put it another way , This is equivalent to a variety of suspension adjustments , Maintain good condition under different road conditions .

BMW X7 The rear wheel active steering function can be optional , It allows vehicles to turn around in urban areas with a smaller turning radius , The chassis is more comfortable when changing lanes at high speed , But want to enjoy the benefits of Technology , You have to pay 1.45 The optional cost of 10000 yuan is on a good paved road , BMW X7 The 4WD transfer case will disconnect the torque output to the front axle , And become pure rear wheel drive ; On rough and rotten roads or slippery roads , The transfer case automatically engages the front axle , Four wheel drive improves the stability and trafficability of the vehicle . The borrowed model does not have an optional rear axle limited slip differential , It is an ordinary open differential, and the housing is made of cast iron , It is soft connected with the aluminum alloy rear subframe , The rubber bushing plays a major role in weakening the vibration of the transmission shaft , Make the passengers in the car more comfortable 、 quiet .

The top of the shock absorber in the engine compartment and the engine oil pan are covered with soft glass fiber , They play a role in the isolation of noise , Make the noise coming into the car less . Resin shield is used in the front wheel arch cabin , The heat dissipation channel in the middle is helpful for cooling the brake disc , Reduce thermal attenuation ; The rear wheel arch cabin is made of glass fiber guard , Better sound insulation and noise reduction performance . The central passage of the roof is covered with a comprehensive thermal insulation aluminum panel , The heat transfer from the exhaust pipe to the vehicle is reduced .

The mass block on the front suspension control arm is a later solution NVH The problem is added to the design by which the resonant frequency is changed , To avoid noise and vibration in the vehicle, the front brake caliper is in the form of fixed opposite four pistons , The rear brake calipers are single piston floating calipers , Because the center of gravity shifts when braking , So the front axle needs more braking force , A more powerful braking mechanism is adopted .

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