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The sword moves in the wrong direction, but it is not empty. The new anksila continues to be personalized to the end

2021-08-25 17:14:07 Oriental Information automobile

For many young domestic consumers , Choosing a model is also an art , At present, many new cars are becoming more and more sporty in design , It is also to attract more young groups , Maybe many models have changed a lot in shape , But in fact, it is still not enough to understand young people , Personality is not only reflected by becoming avant-garde in appearance and interior upholstery , It should also have connotation , When it comes to the most personalized brand , Mazda definitely wants to mention , from the beginning , Mazda is not a well behaved brand , The models launched are not only personalized in design , At the same time, in terms of technology and concept, they often take the wrong side of the sword , But it is this spirit of following personality and persistence , Mazda has many loyal followers up to now , The newly launched oncella is a model that continues to be personalized to the end , But it is still strong in strength .

The new Mazda has undoubtedly taken the original route in modeling design , It is still a unique personality style , But we should become more sporty based on the original design , The new style adopted by the new car really makes this model more flexible and natural . Especially the decorative strip combination design adopted inside the front grille , Then cooperate with the concave overall shape , Under the sharp lines of the hood, it is quite dynamic , Moreover, the modeling design of the lamp group is also more rigorous than before , The penetrating lower surround and prominent front lip undoubtedly make this model very stylish . The side design of this model and the combination of tail lights at the rear make this model more elegant and atmospheric . One of Mazda's unique features is that it always responds to changes with the same appearance , Even if it's not changed too much , But still leading the trend .

The overall interior style of the new model will not be as old as before , In the overall layout design, it shows a very strong sense of grade , Both workmanship and materials can give people a very comfortable feel , This also makes Mazda more personalized and sporty . The suspended central control screen and the through air outlet design make this model more exquisite , And the shape of the instrument panel is quite full of fighting breath .

Mazda's unique point is that it will never compromise with turbocharging , But the old one 1.55 L self priming engine is still equipped on this model , but 158 In fact, the horsepower of does not have an advantage when competing with its peers . But fortunately, this model is still first-class in handling .

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