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The man liked to pick up a new car, but he found it was an old car. He went to the 4S store the next day and was silly

2021-08-25 17:14:15 Oriental Information automobile

Many people check online before buying a car , What are the options for cars that meet their price expectations , Some people value the brand, others pay attention to cost performance , These situations exist . It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to know before buying a car , Otherwise 4S It's easy to be biased by the sales when the store looks confused .

Recently, a Mr. Ma is going to 4S Shop to buy a car , And he actually has a crush on a car , Namely 18 The Lincoln MKC(). I did business in other places earlier. Now I come back and want to buy a family car , The price of this car is medium and the quality is relatively high , So he is still very excited . In fact, it's cheaper to buy cars in other places , But considering that you may need to run when you get home 4S Shop maintenance , So I'll just go to my hometown city 4S shop .

After entering the store, Mr. Ma called the roll to see MKC, Then the salesperson skillfully introduced him to the performance of this car , advantage , After the test drive, Mr. Ma was more satisfied , Price 30 About 10000 is also within his tolerance . But what I saw at the scene was a display car , So the store said that Mr. Ma needed to wait a few days .

It's time to collect the car , At this time, Mr. Ma found that the car was a little different , Although he saw it, he drove home quietly , If this happens to most people, it will break out on the spot , Finally, either wait for a change or drive home , Obviously, Mr. Ma is also “ old hand ”. At last, the matter was clarified , This is actually 17 paragraph , What I want is 18 Money and 4S The store wants to fool... With this car , Fortunately, I still know some cars . False one pays three is the rule of this industry , So Mr. Ma brought the contract , The lawyer called on , this time 4S The store panicked , After all, it's your own fault , And when you look at each other, all kinds of evidence are complete , If you go to court, you can't escape the end of compensation .

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