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High end luxury and high-grade, with a return rate of more than BMW M2

2021-08-25 17:19:03 Oriental Information automobile

In recent years, the high-end brand has been very awesome. , Besides, he showed amazing creativity when keeping up with luxury and high-end models . Lingke, as a high-end brand of Geely, actually has a good reputation after its launch , Although its vehicle is launched every time, people will make complaints about it. . But the real car will find it on the street , It really looks better . And the luxury car is full of style , It seems unforgettable , Strong identification . Recently, Lingke officially released a group of Lingke 05 Official map of vehicle type , This compact sedan SUV It can be said that it comes out after a thousand calls .

This car is based on CMA Models built on infrastructure , The appearance part deduces link's cognition and prediction of urban opposition aesthetics . The design elements with high recognition are retained in the front face , But some parts have also been greatly changed . Although it starts at 25 All around , Compared with the models of the same level, it is not low , However, the design of luxury atmosphere is indeed very interesting , Super high turning back rate on the street , Even better than BMW M2 More attractive and handsome . Less than 30 Wan enjoys such a high standard of return rate and attention , This is the charm of link .

In the hood section, it makes two parallel muscle lines , Echo with two frog eye diurnal lights that are very far away . Although many people make complaints about the design of the headlights, they are not beautiful enough. , But it doesn't look completely aesthetic . In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 4592、1879、1628 mm , The wheelbase is 2734 mm .

On the side of the body, its waistline design is flexible and elegant , The wheel hub at the foot also has a very chic and novel shape , It's a real eye opener . Its design is very wild and dynamic , It is perfectly integrated with the design style of the body . Slightly different from the previous Lingke model, its tail shape has been designed completely , The tail lights are two rows, with a very sharp shape and atmosphere . The line of the tail section extends to the tail light section , It looks very compact and dynamic .

In the detail design part, it has a very distinctive side window tail extension , This visual effect is more slender and dynamic . In terms of power, it is powered by cars from Volvo Drive-E series 2.0TD High power engine , The most powerful 254Ps /187kW、 Peak torque 350N・m, Match the love 8 Speed automatic transmission . There is also one 1.5T High power three cylinder engine version is optional .

In addition, although there are no more details about the interior , But there are spy photos for reference . In the configuration section, based on CMA Vehicle support for infrastructure module architecture FlexRay Support of electronic communication bus . In the configuration of intelligent driving assistance, it gives a very rich configuration list , Autopilot has also reached L2+ Level . The biggest zero point of the interior is a very large central control screen , There are two entity buttons , Very technical . The air outlet of the air conditioner is a through design , It has a good extension effect .

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