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Cool black appearance, 12 inch large screen, longer wheelbase, comparable to Lexus es, luxury car upgrade completed

2021-08-25 17:19:08 Oriental Information automobile

The new Mercedes Benz S When the first-class car appeared , It can be said that it gives people a bright feeling at once , Compared with the old model , More scientific and technological appearance and more fashionable interior , Make the whole model quite attractive , But the higher price still discourages many people . And now the new Mercedes Benz C The first-class car has actually arrived at the store , The car not only adopts the new Mercedes Benz S The same appearance and interior design style , The key is that this model is more grounded in terms of price , And in terms of power, in addition to providing what we are familiar with 2.0T Outside the turbocharged engine , The car will also provide 1.5T Turbocharged engines and 48 V light mixing system , At the same time, continue to match 9 Speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive system , In this way, Mercedes Benz C Class cars, both in appearance and power , Become more attractive . Cool black appearance ,12 Big screen , The wheelbase is longer than that of Lexus ES, The luxury car has been upgraded

Compared with the old models , This new model is not only equipped with metal lattice air inlet grille , And also used fumigation treatment , At the same time, the car also adopts the latest style LED Lamp set and the latest multi banner sports aluminum alloy wheel hub , Although the black body paint is used , But the whole car still shows a strong sense of sports and fashion , In addition, it is also similar to the new Mercedes Benz in the shape of tail lamp group S Level consistent .

In terms of the interior of the vehicle , The car provides the latest family interior design , We are familiar with LCD meters , Shift paddles for large central control screen and metal plate making , Again on this model , At the same time, the car is also equipped with the latest air conditioning outlet , And the latest style of sporty vehicle interior and vehicle seats , Not only compared with the old model , It looks more luxurious and full of sense of Technology , Moreover, the ride comfort has also been significantly improved .

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