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The vehicle management office reminds: there is no need to stick these signs on the front bumper, and say goodbye from now on

2021-08-25 17:30:36 Oriental Information automobile

I believe you mentioned “ Psoriasis ” These three words must be uncomfortable all over , In addition to being a disease, it also means something else , For example, cities “ Psoriasis ”、 automobile “ Psoriasis ” wait . Colorful small advertisements have a great impact on the appearance of the city , Relevant departments have also rectified this .

In addition, the headache is the... On the windshield of the car “ Psoriasis ”, We know that buying a car costs a lot of money , No one wants to be posted in a mess on his car . But I have to admit that sometimes there is no way , If you want to hang a sign, you must go to the vehicle management office and stick all kinds of signs according to the process .

These signs pile up one by one , They are mainly concentrated in the position of the windshield , Even the most beautiful car can't stand such a toss . Now the vehicle administration has also issued new regulations , There are three signs that don't need to be pasted , Say goodbye to the windshield “ Psoriasis ”.

The first is the insurance sign . Our time stresses keeping pace with the times , With its continuous development, the electronic insurance policy is also issued randomly . This indicates that we don't need to stick insurance signs anymore , However, it is still in the stage of trial Promotion , It will take some time to fully popularize .

The second is the environmental protection sign . Environmental protection has always been a top priority , For cars, the main problem is the pollution of car exhaust . Canceling the environmental protection sign does not mean that there is no need to check the exhaust gas from now on , There's nothing to check , So the majority of car owners still can't take it lightly .

The last one is to cancel the pickup reflective strip . For pickup trucks, the requirements have always been strict , And in addition to spraying words, reflective strips should be pasted . After such a toss and turn, which car owner wants to buy the cool and handsome pickup truck ? But fortunately, it's much better after canceling . I wonder if your car has these three signs ? If so, you can follow the latest policies of the local vehicle management office , Appropriate reduction . What do you think of this ?

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