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There was no one on the co pilot. He was directly deducted by 3 points and fined 200. Hundreds of old drivers were recruited

2021-08-25 17:30:45 Oriental Information automobile

Driving for so many years , We have long been used to all kinds of traffic regulations in China , For example, when driving, I accidentally ran a red light and was detained 6 branch , Or be fined for failing to give way to pedestrians , It's very normal , Everyone can accept , Just be careful later . But I don't know if you have ever encountered a situation , There is no co pilot in the car , But it was directly deducted 3 branch , And fine 200 element .

You must have been confused when you saw here , I've never heard of such a rule , But someone was punished for this a long time ago . We usually drive and often observe the surrounding signs , We all know that there is a car on the blue sign , Represents the motorway . Then a similar sign appeared , There are two more people in the car , The car owners are careless , I didn't notice this change at all , As a result, hundreds of old drivers were recruited .

Xiao Wang, the car owner, was planted on this , When he went to Chengdu on business , Ready to drive back to the hotel , As a result, I received a notice of penalty soon after I went back . At that time, Xiao Wang felt very incredible , I follow the mobile navigation , I didn't take the wrong lane , How can you be punished ? Later, I consulted the traffic police to know , I walked in accidentally HOV Vehicle Lane , At first, this kind of driveway appeared abroad . until 2016 year , Some cities in China have also begun to use such lanes , It also has another name called multi passenger Lane .

seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , This is the lane specially prepared for cars with many passengers , That is, if you want to use this lane , It must be ensured that there are at least two passengers and drivers . If you drive into this lane by yourself , Points deducted 、 Fine is normal . Due to the different punishment standards in various regions , Some areas are only fined , There are also points deducted in some areas . There's another little detail , That is, the sign will say 2+ or 3+, It means to ask 2 More than people or 3 More people , If you don't pay attention, you will be deducted points .

The main purpose of implementing this kind of lane is to relieve traffic pressure , Now the urban congestion is very serious , But if we look closely, we can see that , There is almost only one person in a car , This reduces the utilization of cars . Setting more passenger lanes is to encourage everyone to carpool , There are fewer cars , You can reduce traffic jams . At present, only those big cities have multi passenger lanes , You can hardly see... In small towns . In the future, when everyone is driving , Be careful to see if there are two villains in the car on the sign .

Of course, some netizens said , I work alone in the city , Do you have to drag a person to sit on the co pilot every time you go out ? What Lao Miao said , There is no need to be so serious , There are other lanes besides the multi passenger Lane , We're not leaving HOV Just drive in the driveway . Last , Everyone must remember not to enter this driveway by mistake , Otherwise, if you are fined, you can't blame others

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