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It's handsome to choose a car. Honda's new and popular car makes you the most beautiful baby on the street

2021-08-25 17:31:08 Oriental Information automobile

From the appearance, the biggest feature of this car is that the super dazzling chrome trim runs horizontally through the whole front face , It looks very magnificent . It can satisfy your mood of being the brightest kid on the street , Great momentum .

Except for the power of the front of the car , The side design is also very aggressive . The wheel arch is decorated with black material , The material is exquisite and atmospheric , Good sense of grade . Although the tire size is 19 Inch Design , However, it is also very appropriate to match the huge body of haoying 、 Coordinated . In addition, the design of its tail light is surprisingly exquisite and sharp , Impressive . He also added a lot of aerodynamic kits , Further enhance the vehicle's texture .

In terms of power, haoying will have a total power synthesis to choose from , They are the third generation i-MMD Dual motor hybrid system and 240TURBO Of 1.5T Turbocharged engine . Although its price is higher than CR-V The starting price is a little higher , But from the comparison of power systems, it is also automatic , Their prices are roughly flat . And in addition to the conventional model appearance , Hiromoto also made a special design for its , Added the magic night version , The inner liner is used , The chrome trim is partially matched into a dark gray . Inside the headlight is LED Lamp source , The structure has also become a black design .

The window part is decorated with chrome plated primary color , This is very different from the wheel hub at the foot , Its blackened rim is a very dynamic series , It's a real eye opener . In terms of exhaust design, the new car is a single hidden exhaust , The whole design has a strong sense of performance , And it has a very special taste . In terms of body size, the length, width and height of haoying are 4634mm、1855mm、1689mm, The wheelbase is 2661mm.

Very attentive in configuring the intelligent security configuration of some new cars , For example, there will be a right exterior rearview mirror 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Black rim and B\C Some bright and black decorations enhance the sense of grade of the vehicle . In addition, it has Honda CONNECT Zhidao interconnection system . Real time navigation 、 Online music 、 radio , You can also voice control payment and other functions . If you would choose this new car with outstanding appearance and more modern ?

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