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In this case, as long as you stop in time, you won't be deducted 6 points

2021-08-25 17:31:14 Oriental Information automobile

With the continuous development of China's economy , Everyone's income is rising , This is followed by an increase in the number of cars , This has also led to the further tightening of our traffic rules . If you don't pay attention, you'll be deducted 6 branch , even to the extent that 12 There are not a few points .

You know, if you get deducted 12 branch , But I have to apply for subject one again , My little driver's license is enough ? In particular, I would like to emphasize that , Now the traffic rules stipulate , Half the points will be deducted if you run a red light , namely 6 branch . If one is not careful , Ran the red light twice , That's embarrassing ,12 There are no points . But sometimes running a red light is really not out of personal will , Deliberately . Can it be that , Be deducted 12 Points can only be dry stare 、 Are you in a hurry ? To tell you the truth , occasionally “ enter by mistake ” The red light can avoid being detained 12 It's possible .

There are a lot of drivers trying to grab the green light 1 Second time , When you speed up and cross the stop line , I thought I ran a red light like this , It's a hard fact to be deducted , Then I will continue to drive forward without looking back . But you know what ? Your idea itself is incorrect . This will help you avoid being detained 6 The punishment of sharing . Let's start with , How does the camera tell whether a car runs a red light . Usually , Three photos should be taken as the basis to determine whether you ran the red light . These three photos capture the front wheel crossing the line 、 Drive across the junction box to the opposite intersection .

If one of the three is missing, it can't judge whether the car ran the red light . In other words , It's when you notice that you ran the red light by mistake , You should stop right away , Don't be so “ Natural and unrestrained ” Keep driving . Because the camera may only capture two of your photos , There's no way to know if you ran a red light . Even if luck checks again , Meet the more strict traffic police , At most 50 element , buckle 1 Runs in . therefore , You know the routine , When you know you “ enter by mistake ” After the red light , Whether the front or rear wheels cross the line , Should stop right now and don't move . Okay , That's all for today , Did you get to the point ?

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