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The programmer went to Australia to be a big car driver. He drove the car 20 years ago

2021-08-25 17:34:16 Oriental Information automobile

Everybody knows , Driver is a hard job , Especially those big truck drivers , Driving every day without day or night , At the same time, his danger is also very high , If something happens to this big car , Far more serious than a family car , The most important thing is that it has a great impact on the health of the body , Therefore, those who have the ability will not choose this industry . But everyone thinks differently , Some people like driving this big car very much , There is a young man in China , Gave up working as a programmer , Went to Australia to be a truck driver .

The young man may be too enthusiastic about this industry , I went to Australia to get my driver's license , After two years of training , It cost 20000 yuan to finally get the driver's license . But he didn't find a suitable job , Because I'm a novice , Many places don't hire , So the boy went to transport logs first , These enterprises are mainly looking for a cheap .

But it doesn't matter to the young man , What he needs now is to accumulate more experience , So I chose to transport logs , Can earn every year 65 Thousands of yuan . The young man drives his car to transport logs back and forth every day , But after seeing the interior of the car, many people will be surprised , Because the facilities in the car are too simple , If it were domestic, it would have been scrapped , In fact, this car has a long history , It's already 20 Years of car .

Although the car has been for a long time , But the young man feels very comfortable driving , Because of its excellent quality . But many people don't understand , A cart like this is not 15 Is it going to be scrapped in ? This is only a domestic regulation , If domestic cars last more than ten years , It's probably broken , But going abroad is like a new car , There will be no problem in another ten years , Because the quality of cars in Australia is good , And they also attach great importance to maintenance , Whether there is a problem or not , They go for maintenance regularly , So the car is always at its best , The driving time will naturally be longer .

source : China Star circle

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