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What does the Mercedes Benz CNCl (constant speed cruise) key mean? How to use it?

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After pressing, you can pass “ ”“-” Key to adjust the speed . When the vehicle speed reaches the set speed , At this time, the owner releases the accelerator , The function of constant speed cruise can stabilize the vehicle speed at the set speed . When the owner depresses the accelerator or brake pedal again , The function of constant speed cruise will be temporarily released 了 .

Precautions for constant speed cruise

① Do not use when the road condition is bad . For example, wet roads in snow 、 Loose gravel pavement 、 Rainstorm, muddy road, etc .

② Caution is required for high-speed use . High speed section can be said to be the most suitable section for constant speed cruise , But the owner can't adjust the speed too high , To avoid accidents .

③ Traffic jam sections are not suitable for use . The stop and go section is not suitable for starting constant speed cruise , Not only is driving more troublesome , Too close to the car , When the set speed is too high , It's easy to have a rear end collision .

④ When the car is cruising , For cars equipped with manual transmission , Remember not to shift the gear lever to neutral without depressing the clutch pedal , This causes a sudden increase in engine speed .

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