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McLaren F1 is a pure driving pleasure with an auction of $30 million or $50 million, but not even ABS

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Those models with great driving fun , Just like those really hard to tame horses , Not only is it extremely expensive , And extremely difficult to serve .

A good car in the eyes of those who really enjoy driving , Definitely not the easy cars of the general population —— No stubborn personality , A car that can be tamed without excellent driving skills , There will never be much fun .

The cars in the world will eventually go their separate ways , Transportation tools and driving toys , Never both .

Without electronic assistance 、 No, ABS, No one will even use this car to go to newnorth to brush the lap speed , But we can still have cars with a price of more than 30 million yuan at the auction , This is it. ——

Mclaren F1


Today I want to talk about McLaren F1, A Legendary Super run .


Famous British comedian “ Mr. Bean ” The actor Rowan · Atkinson is going to sell his car, purple McLaren F1, Price 800 Thousands of pounds , renminbi 7547 Ten thousand yuan .


Rovinj · Atkinson has always been a complete car fan , He is in 1997 Bought this McLaren in F1 automobile , The selling price in that year was 54 Thousands of pounds .


2014 year , A car GTR The price of the version is 528 Thousands of dollars ( About us 3301 Thousands of yuan ).


  This is a car from F1 's car  

Mclaren F1 yes 1992 McLaren engineers combined a large number of F1 A sports car made of Racing Technology , So its F1 And that's where my name comes from , It can be said that it is an out and out street F1.

Mclaren F1 Can be in 3.2 Accelerate from rest to... In seconds 100km/h, Breakout 380km/h. It used to be the fastest mass production sports car in the world , This record from it 1994 In, it entered mass production and remained until 2005 Annual shutdown .

until 2005 year , Konisek CCR It's over Mclaren F1 The record of the world's fastest mass-produced sports car .


  McLaren F1 
  Mass production version XP5 The official data of  
  And actual test data and performance parameters  

0-100kph when :3.2s
0-160kph when :6.1s
0-200kph when :8.7s
0-242kph when :12.7s
0-320kph when :26.4s
Fast ( Notarized records ):386km/h
Fast ( Best results ):391km/h

This car has even reached ,398Km/h, You have to admire 627 Horsepower can squeeze out nearly 400Km/h The speed of , Theoretical speed :400km/h+( The actual situation is subject to 90 Gearbox and tires in the early s ), The most powerful 627BHP.


 McLaren F1 Keep the world record for 13 years  
  He has set many Guinness World Records  

  • 0-100km/h Take the lead in achieving 3.2 second

  • McLaren F1 stay 1998 In, it created the world speed notarization record of mass-produced sports cars 386km/h(1998-2005)

  • The world's first road vehicle with integrated carbon fiber frame ( First appeared in 1981 Year of McLaren F1 The car MP4-1 On )

  • The world's first car with central driving 、 Three seater sports car ( Try to imitate F1 Driving style settings )

  • The Guinness Book of records for the world's most powerful sports car (627BHP)

  • Once enjoyed the name of the world's fastest naturally aspirated engine sports car


  About McLaren F1 New North scores  

It is said that there is such a story :

McLaren F1 There is no official lap speed record in New York , And widely spread McLaren F1 XP5 Created by mass production models 7:45 Seconds just by magazines 《Sport Auto》 The test run reporter ran casually .

The reason is simple ,McLaren F1 In addition to the central computer with its own fault data , There are no electronic driving AIDS , Even the most common ABS None , Except for highly skilled professional drivers , No one dares to challenge it desperately F1 The lap speed limit , and McLaren F1 stay 2008 Britain sold up to 253 The sky high price of 10000 pounds .

therefore 7 branch 45 The second lap speed record has no practical reference value .


but McLaren The team's 1998 and 1999 Year of F1 World champion Hakkinen (Mika Hakkinen) by McLaren F1 Conducted informal tests , The lap speed is recorded as 7 branch 11 second , It's just , The car he used is still MTC Inside F1 LM XP1 Prototype vehicle .


From this, we can estimate the McLaren F1 XP5 The lap speed shall be recorded at 7 branch 20 Within seconds .

7:45* -- 159.484 km/h -- McLaren F1
7:11* -- 172.07 0km/h -- McLaren F1 XP1 LM

  Classic of classics , Will it be reborn ?

about McLaren Come on , This blockbuster supercar McLaren F1 It's also the classic in the classic .

once , There was a very exciting news - McLaren is working on a three seat design and V12 Engine F1 The successor of , Unfortunately, the news didn't spread for long , By boss McLaren Mike Flewitt Totally deny .


  Other legends  

McLaren F1 yes McLaren On 1992-1998 Super sports car produced in ,6 During the years, including prototype cars, there were only very few 106 car .


use BMW V12 Engine and from F1 The car's top aerodynamic technology and other McLaren F1 The team's cutting-edge technology , Give Way McLaren F1 On 1998 Year record 391 km/h The world's fastest record .

Although recorded in 2005 Years later, it was broken one after another , but McLaren F1 It is still the record holder of the fastest naturally aspirated model .


McLaren F1 The engine is powered by BMW Sports (BMW Motorsport) The code provided is S70/2 Of 6.1 l V12, Street version output [email protected], Torque [email protected]

Racing version F1 GTR After air intake restriction according to the competition regulations, the output drops to 600 horse ,1995 year McLaren F1 GTR Street version of ——F1 LM The output of the special commemorative edition is appalling 680 horse .


McLaren F1 And its variants also meet God and kill God on the field , Kill Buddha when meeting Buddha , Like we mentioned before McLaren F1 GTR, That's amazing .


Concrete , This kind of GTR The most famous honor should be winning 1995 Year of Le Mans 24 Hours of endurance GT1 champion , And take over 3,4,5 name ! So you can imagine how strong it is .

Beat a lot of good players , such as F40 and 911 Turbo etc. . the GTR It carries immortal BMW V12 engine , Because of the limitation , horsepower “ Only ”600bhp.


Although McLaren continued to develop many powerful super runs in the later stage , Like Senna , such as 765LT as well as 720S GT3X With McLaren Artura, Including many car fans are also calling for successors , However, McLaren believes that the market response is not enough to pry this huge challenge to develop .


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