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Shandong starts the environmental compliance verification of new motor vehicles in 2021

2021-08-25 17:34:46 Car home

  [ Car home   information ]  The Department of ecological environment of Shandong Province recently launched 2021 In, the environmental protection compliance verification of newly produced motor vehicles and non road mobile machinery , Up to now , Dongying... Has been completed 、 yantai 、 weifang 、 Rizhao and Linyi 5 Municipal 39 A new car company 80 A car ( machine ) Type verification .

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   according to the understanding of , This verification is mainly to check whether the enterprise takes the initiative to disclose the vehicle model information on the motor vehicle environmental protection network of the Ministry of ecological environment 、 Whether the inspected vehicle is equipped with motor vehicle environmental protection onboard list 、 Whether non road mobile machinery is equipped with environmental protection information labels 、 Whether the single machine completes the upload of environmental protection information , And whether the active disclosure information is consistent with the vehicle configuration .

   The verification also carried out on-board diagnostic system (OBD) test , adopt OBD Read the equipment and check whether the motor vehicle exhaust treatment device works normally , The selective catalytic reduction device is simulated by technical means (SCR) The level and temperature sensors of the are faulty , Check OBD Whether the alarm can work normally . meanwhile , During the verification, the actual road emission test was carried out on the national six heavy diesel vehicles (PEMS test ), Depending on the vehicle type , It's downtown 、 Suburbs and highways 3 Drive normally under different road conditions , Measure whether the actual emission of vehicle pollutants meets the standard requirements in real time .

   Besides , Whether the machines manufactured by non road mobile machinery manufacturers meet the national emission standards 、 The legitimacy of machinery exported below the standard has also been verified , It is proposed to rectify the machinery and engine that do not comply with the laws and regulations within a time limit , Crack down on production 、 The illegal act of selling machinery exceeding the national emission standards .( Source : China Environmental News ; compile / Car home Zhouyi )

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