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Expand the territory of Haima automobile and establish a travel company

2021-08-25 17:34:49 Car home

  [ Car home   information ]  recently , Sky eye examination shows ,8 month 11 Japan , Hainan MaBang Travel Technology Co., Ltd. was established , The registered capital 600 RMB 10,000 yuan , The business scope includes online booking taxi business services 、 Road passenger transport operation, etc . The company is owned by Haima Automobile Sales Co., Ltd 100% holding , Haima Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. was established by Haima Automobile Co., Ltd 100% holding . The legal representative is Lu guogang , He is now the vice chairman of Haima Automobile Co., Ltd 、 Chief international business officer (CGO)、 General manager of FAW Haima .

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   With the gradual maturity of the online car Hailing market , It also allows many car companies to get involved in this field . for example ,2015 year 11 month , The special car of Cao Cao launched by Geely Automobile ( Later upgraded to Cao Cao ) Online public beta in Ningbo ;2018 year 3 month , GAC group established Ruqi travel , Mainly engaged in online car hailing and other businesses ;2018 year 8 month , Great Wall Motors launched Euler travel platform , Carry out online car hailing and other businesses ;2018 year 11 month , SAIC announced the launch of enjoy road travel , Enter the online car Hailing market ;2019 year 5 month , faw 、 dongfeng 、 It is a joint venture of three major automobile companies in Chang'an T3 Travel online in Nanjing ;2020 year 6 month , Zotye 、 Brilliance automobile, etc 2 Car companies started their own businesses “ Public car travel ” Platform and establishment of brilliance Travel Service Co., Ltd , Enter the field of online car Hailing ; This year, 6 End of month , FAW Volkswagen has established Mojie Zhixing Co., Ltd., etc .

   Ruble, an online car Hailing industry analyst, said , The field of online car Hailing is very important for automobile OEMs , Be able to open a new exit for vehicle sales , Especially in new energy vehicles . Recently, Haima automobile said in response to investors' questions , The company has completed the development of the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle prototype , The third generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is under development . Maybe , The layout of online car Hailing is also aimed at this .( Some sources of information : Check the inner eye / Online car Hailing focus ; compile / Car home Zhouyi )

 Expand the territory of the field   Haima automobile set up a travel company   Car home
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