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The highest discount is 8000 yuan, starting from 191800 yuan. Is the Asian Dragon economical, durable and high quality?

2021-08-25 17:46:51 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Zhuhai recently announced Asian Dragon's favorable market in the region : At present, Asia Dragon has the highest discount for car purchase 0.8 Ten thousand yuan ,19.18 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of Asian dragons . aesthetic , Asian Dragon adopts the design of American model , The whole appearance looks very atmospheric 、 Exaggeration . The area of China open is huge , With exquisite chrome plated air inlet grille , Make the car look very powerful . The shape of the headlight is slender , And the standard configuration is far away 、 Low beam LED headlight , When lit, the front of the car has very high recognition . The body side , The side window frame with strong streamline extends to the tail lamp , Fit long wheelbase , Make the whole side very stretch and coordinate . All black multi frame sports hub and black side skirt , It also adds a lot to it . The design of low lying wide body and wide tail , The visual effect is wider and more tension , combined LED Tail lights , Sharp, futuristic , The bumper lines at the rear are very rhythmic , At the same time, highlight the sense of movement . interiors , Although the center console of Asian Dragon is highly original , But the design style is not in line with the aesthetics of young consumers . In order to make up for the lack of design , Toyota designed a lot of soft leather materials for this car , Solid wood lines showing a sense of grade are also added to the front passenger position , Improved the texture of the interior . The Asian Dragon carried 2.0L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine , The most powerful 178 horsepower , Peak torque 210N.m, matching CVT Stepless gearbox ( simulation 10 block ), And meet the national six emissions , Toyota TNGA The architecture gives the Asian dragon a lower body posture , Therefore, the degree of roll during cornering is alleviated to a certain extent , It also adds some psychological driving feeling to the driver . The suspension system does not become loose in the pursuit of comfort 、 Flicker , The strengthened front tilt bar gives the chassis a certain sense of tightness , This greatly optimizes the vehicle response . At the same time, the excellent shock filtering characteristics also keep the bumpy feeling out of the door , Ensure the comfort of passengers . configuration , Asian dragons provide 9 Inch center control screen 、 Three zone automatic air conditioning 、 Front seat ventilation / heating 、 Pre impact braking system 、 Lane departure warning 、 Driving mode selection 、ACC Adaptive cruise 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 One button start 、 Seat memory 、 The electronic hand brake 、 Armrest box double USB Interface 、 Electric adjustment of steering wheel / Electric heating 、 Automatic anti glare interior rearview mirror 、 High beam assist 、 Panoramic images 、 Rear air outlet 、 double USB Interface 、220V Power supply, etc . Besides , Toyota Zhixing safety system ( Includes adaptive cruise control 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Pre collision warning brake system 、 Active security configuration such as parallel assistance )、AVS Adaptive variable suspension will not be absent in new cars .

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