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100 million B + round financing of accelerated autopilot landing feibu Technology

2021-08-25 18:03:19 Car home

  [ Car home   information ]  recently , We learned from the domestic media that , Autopilot company “ Flying technology ” Announce completed 1 RMB B+ Round of funding , From Tongchuang great cause 、 Deyi capital joint investment . This round of financing is mainly used for transportation in ports 、 Urban connection scene landing vehicle road cloud integration product scheme .

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   Feibu technology was founded in 2017 year 8 month , Founded by he Xiaofei, a well-known scholar in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning , Headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province , Once obtained the angel round investment of Innovation workshop ,A The round of financing is funded by Heyu capital (MSA Capital) Lead investment 、 Qingsong fund follow-up investment ; Hundreds of millions of RMB B This round of financing is led by Dachen Caizhi , Deyi capital 、 Zhejiang University you Chuang 、 China Merchants Zhiyuan, etc .

   According to the official introduction , Feibu technology has independently developed autopilot “ Cheluyun ” All products , The number of patent applications and soft works exceeds 100 , Depth manifold network is proposed , Combining deep learning with manifold learning , It greatly improves the utilization of massive data by the vehicle end intelligent driving system , The accuracy of real-time target detection and recognition is improved , The relevant results are in this year 6 In June, he won the first prize of Zhejiang Natural Science Award . In the aspect of roadside intelligent sensing system , Feibu technology has been in many parks in China 、 Scenic spots and high-speed scenes provide real-time and high-precision perception 、 Centimeter positioning and other services . Feibu cloud intelligent dispatching platform supports supply and demand matching 、 Capacity dispatch 、 Path planning and other core functions , It can provide... For domestic port operating system “ Global - Full link ” Technical support for transportation management . Its vehicle road cloud integrated collaboration platform supports millisecond response 、 Centimeter accuracy 、 Ten million cars per day ( people ) The best match , And real-time path planning based on dynamic high-precision map .

   In landing , Take the port for example , In view of the large stock of traditional terminals at this stage 、 Transformation is difficult 、 Current situation of mixed transportation of internal and external trucks , Feibu smart port solution does not require capital construction and process transformation of the wharf , Take automatic driving as the core , Provide vehicle road collaborative intelligent sensing 、 Complete product system including equipment intelligent dispatching management , Stable 、 Efficiently participate in mixed line operation .

   Feibu technology is called , The scheme has participated in the real production operation of the port in Ningbo Zhoushan port and other places 500 God , Support the world's largest self driving truck fleet for normal marshalling and real ship operation , The overall efficiency is close to that of human drivers . During the year , Feibu smart port solution will operate in more traditional mixed line terminals and new fully automated terminals . Besides , Feibu technology has provided autonomous micro bus connection service for Wuzhen World Internet Conference for two consecutive years ; In cities and highways for China Post EMS、 Deppon express and other enterprises deliver more than 100 Thousands of pieces of ; For FAW 、 Wanxiang and other car companies provide automatic driving solutions for future travel . ( Source :36 krypton ; compile / Car home Zhouyi )

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