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Evergrande built a super run with "the strongest surface"? Production will start in 2023, with a price of more than ten million yuan

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  • author : Pan Zichun

  • source : Today's headlines understand the car emperor - Understand chedi's report

ferrari 、 lamborghini 、 Bugatti …… These names seem to have become synonymous with supercars .

But can you believe it ? Evergrande, which said it would sell its auto business a few days ago , Also built a super run . And from the dynamic parameters and acceleration results , This is almost a “ The surface is the strongest ” Four seats GT Supercar .


Gemera The appearance design keeps konisek's usual radical and avant-garde

According to foreign media reports , The first new energy super run jointly invested by Evergrande and konisek Gemera, Will be in 2023 Year of production , The global set limit to 300 platform , Cost as much as 130 Thousands of euros ( renminbi 1016 Ten thousand yuan ), At present, it has been sold out .

The new car was first 2020 The global debut was made at the Geneva auto show in . Konisek Gemera Located in four super Mega-GT The sports car , Can hold four adults .

In terms of appearance ,Gemera It maintains the radical and avant-garde style of the konisek family , Using a jet fighter windshield 、 hide A column 、 Short front overhang and large side air intakes . The overall body shape is simple, smooth and low lying , With very cool door opening mode , Show his identity of super running .


Gemera Equipped with konisek's iconic rotary door


Long and narrow shape with sharp internal structure , Make the visual effect of the front more ferocious

It is worth mentioning that , Due to the use of high-strength carbon fiber car body , The new car has been cancelled B Column design , Very bold and novel . Thanks to this , It can meet the boarding and alighting needs of rear passengers without moving the front seats . And as long as 3 Meter wheelbase , It also ensures the space comfort of the rear passengers .


The rear shape also has a strong visual impact : Large diameter double outlet exhaust 、 Integrated canard spoiler and large diffuser .

Combined with the information exposed at the Geneva Auto Show , The interior comfort configuration is also very rich , Including electric adjustment of front seats 、 All car seat heating 、 Cold and warm cup holders in the front and back rows 、 Mobile phone wireless charger and three zone automatic air conditioner, etc . Besides , Apple CarPlay、 The Internet of vehicles and WiFi And other functions are also equipped with ; The sound system is equipped with 11 A loudspeaker . Most notably , The back two seats also offer ISOFIX Interface of child safety seat .


The interior design has revolutionized : The simple flying wing center console is made of carbon fiber

In terms of motivation , The power system of the new car consists of a 2.0T Twin turbine three cylinder engine +3 Motor composition , The combined maximum power reaches 1724 horsepower , Peak torque 3500 cattle · rice . The official acceleration time of 100 kilometers is only 1.9 second ,0-400 km / The acceleration time of hours is less than 20 second .

Some netizens joked that :“ It can be said that there is only one wing missing from the plane ”.


according to the understanding of ,2019 In, Evergrande and konisek established a joint venture , Headquartered in Sweden , Evergrande shares 65%, Konisek holds 35%, As the first car produced by the company ,Gemera The battery used is the latest generation product developed and produced by Evergrande new energy technology group , The inverter is controlled by Evergrande in the Netherlands e-Traction The company develops and produces .

In terms of dynamic performance ,“ A thousand beasts ” This name may not be enough to describe the strength of this model . Sell auto equity in Evergrande 、 When executives sell off ,Gemera Can you represent Evergrande to interpret its ambition in the automotive industry ? We'll see .


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