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It was hailed as a street car by Chinese people, with a fuel consumption of 4.9, and was fascinated

2021-08-25 18:40:57 Oriental Information automobile

Chinese people always have a great demand for family sedans , Because the sedan is becoming more and more civilian , It's getting cheaper and cheaper , Especially our salaried friends , A compact family sedan is enough for transportation , Speaking of the compact sedan field , The most familiar thing is the public Langyi , corolla , The civic , Jetta, wait , But who is the sales king in this field , Data, of course , It is this Nissan Xuanyi , stay 5 After the list in January , In the past 6 month , Sold out 50213 car , So that the sales volume in the first half of the year reached 204351 car , Beyond Carola and Langyi , Plus, as always 10.9 10000 yuan start , Have to say , It's the family car logo . It is praised as a street car by Chinese people ,6 Month dump 50213 car , Fuel consumption 4.9 only 10.9 ten thousand , Fascinated

As 10 Evergreen trees of ten thousand family sedans ,2020 The Nissan Xuanyi also maintains comfort and practicability , First , It is so popular with Chinese people , Also thanks to its ample space , After the whole car reaches 1.23 On a ton body , Its body length, width and height are also achieved 4641 1815 1450mm, The wheelbase is 2712mm, This size is basically the same as that of competitors , Space is also abundant , Even sitting in the back ,4 A big man doesn't feel crowded when he sits in , The comfortable big sofa seat is also recognized as the first in its class .

Look at this. 6 The sales volume in January is very clear , Nissan Xuanyi can sell well 50213 car , It can be said that we can't find any opponents at all , This also benefits from its perfect layout , Make the price advantage to the extreme , use 14 Dai xinxuanyi as publicity , Contributed to the volume of classic Xuanyi , Classic Xuanyi because it needs to cooperate with 14 Dai xinxuanyi , It must be sold at a discount , At the same time reduce 14 The preferential terminal of Daixin Xuanyi , So it magnifies the price advantage of classic Xuanyi again , Let most of the traffic look at the classic Xuanyi , Before ending this classic Xuanyi model , Became the opponent's mace , Of course , In addition to the absolute advantage in price , Its appearance is also very beautiful , It uses the latest in the family Vmoting 2.0 Design language , The front face adopts inverted trapezoidal air inlet grille , Added blackened honeycomb grid decoration , Sharp headlight set , Together, it forms the visual impact of the front of the car , The dynamic and smooth waistline runs through the whole body , It's more gas filled than Carola .

The interior design of Xuanyi is also exquisite , It shows the family attribute , Classic two-color interior design , Flat steering wheel + Round air outlet , It's all very classic , In addition to the low and medium configuration models 4.2 Inch LCD dashboard + Color trip computer display screen , The top model adopts 7 Inch LCD screen + Color trip computer display screen , And practical configuration , Like active safety systems , Fatigue driving tips , Reversing image , Keyless start , Keyless entry , Independent air conditioning in the back row , It has all the basic functions needed in daily life , Also accord with 10.9 The level of 10000 .

motivation , Xuanyi adopts 1.6L Self priming engine , matching 5MT and CVT transmission , Its maximum power has reached 139 horsepower , Peak torque reached 169Nm, The power take-off is stable , The key is that its fuel consumption is as low as 4.9L, The shift process is clean , Acceleration is very smooth 、 Brisk , It meets the needs of ordinary household .

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