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Gaohe automobile and Dow Chemical jointly develop new materials. We can say goodbye to leather

2021-08-25 19:06:03 Oriental Information automobile

The automobile industry has developed for more than 100 years , In terms of creating a sense of luxury, it has always been quite “ tricks ”, Leather material is one of the common means to create a sense of luxury , But with the popularization of environmental protection and animal protection awareness , The industry is also looking for materials and processes to replace leather . As a representative of luxury new energy vehicles , Gao He gave his own answer , Brought new silicone leather materials ——LUXSENSE, Let's see how it can replace leather , And what are the advantages over leather .

Dow chemistry , A lot of people should know , Known for studying various materials , A supply chain that can be called an upstream supply chain , The cooperation between Gaohe automobile and Dow Chemical , Developed this called LUXSENSE New silicone leather material , This is an innovative silicon containing organic compound , It may break your understanding of leather materials in the past few decades .

The automobile age of the past , People are obsessed with “ Italian calfskin ”、“Nappa Genuine leather ” Other fabric technology , But now with the awakening of people's ideas and consciousness , Leather seems to bring a little “ The original sin ”. that LUXSENSE Can silicone leather replace leather ? My answer is —— Absolutely. . Through the actual touch of the scene , This kind of silicone leather feels no worse than real leather , If you're not in the industry , You may mistakenly think that this is commonly used by luxury brands Nappa Genuine leather , It feels very delicate , And very close to the skin . And in terms of composition , It's not like leather “ greasy ”, But because of the power of Technology “ cool ” get up .

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