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Cadillac's new ats-l debut, netizen: "want fire!"

2021-08-25 19:32:39 Oriental Information automobile

With the prosperity of the country , Now people's living standards have changed a lot , The demand for cars is also increasing , Most families have their own cars , It's very convenient to travel . Straight down 8 Wan Wei sales ! Cadillac is brand new ATS-L On stage , Net friend :“ Want fire !”

Cadillac ATS-L It is an entry-level medium-sized car owned by Cadillac , The appearance design of the whole vehicle is very atmospheric , Compared with Toyota Camry and Honda Accord , The sense of class of this model is still very high , The whole front face adopts a family design style .

The interior ,CT4-V The design is better than cash ATS More fashionable and exquisite , The suspended central control screen improves the sense of science and technology , And an electronic gear lever is used .

motivation ,ATS-L The whole line is equipped with 2.0T Turbocharged direct injection engine , The maximum horsepower is amazing 279Ps; The most powerful 205kW; Maximum torque 400Nm. Compared with the old standard wheelbase ATS The engine is more radical in tuning , Engine data is enough to despise BBA All models at the same level , From zero to 100 kilometers per hour, it only takes 6.2 Seconds to complete .

ATS-L The configuration is unambiguous ,8 Air bag 、7 individual BOSE sound 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 skylight 、 Central control panel 、 Internet of vehicles and so on , Just put it now , The configurations of various brands are becoming more and more abundant .

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