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Chinese cars "go to sea", from passive to active

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With the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of Chinese cars , The historical beginning of domestic passive export will also be rewritten .

Reporter Li Sijia

Editor Cui Liwen

Editor Zhu Jinbin

1957 year , At the second China Export Commodities Fair , BITA, chairman of Jordan overseas trade, ordered 3 A car made in China , So as to achieve a breakthrough of zero in China's automobile export .

For a long time afterwards , Chinese cars are mostly exported in the form of free foreign aid through inter state agreements , The overall technical level and quantity are not high . With the development of China's automobile industry , Generation after generation of Autobots 、 Break open a way through bramble and Thistle , Chinese automobile has slowly opened up a way to explore the overseas market .


It's just , Although China has always been the largest automobile producer in the world , Even in 2018 year , China's passenger car production accounts for a quarter of the world , But in terms of exports , Compared with many large export-oriented automobile producing countries , There is still much room for progress in China's automobile export .

however , This situation is changing in recent years, especially this year .


Enterprises play a stable role , Good market exploration

According to the car export situation in the first half of the year previously released by the passenger Federation , With the huge growth of passenger car market space ,2021 In the first half of, China's automobile exports 95 Thousands of cars , An increase of 118%. Especially in the Middle East, Africa and other countries, the export performance is strong .

The export performance in the first half of the year is the epitome of China's automobile export in the past two years .

In recent years, China's automobile export situation is good .2019 Annual vehicle export 122 Thousands of cars ,2020 In, the volume of exports affected by the company decreased 13%, Only 106 Thousands of cars . but 2021 In the first half of , The auto market is stabilizing , Export volume of complete vehicles 95 Thousands of cars , It has doubled on the basis of the low base in the same period last year , Almost touched a million vehicles .


Based on good performance , The association even predicted ,2021 The annual automobile export volume is expected to exceed 180 Thousands of cars .

In a number of overseas markets , China's vehicle export market is mainly Asia 、 South America 、 Europe and other major markets . among , Asia accounts for 34%; South America 、 Europe's share 20%; Proportion of Africa 10%. This year, the main vehicle exports are Chile 、 Markets such as Saudi Arabia and Australia , The Russian market, Sweden and Australia are relatively strong .

Especially in the European market .

In the first half of the year , China's automobile export growth is relatively large in the European market , And excellent performance in the medium and high-end market . The main reason for the surge in exports is , In recent years, European green transformation initiatives have promoted the development of local new energy vehicle market , The domestic electric vehicle industry in Europe does not have strong competitiveness ; Besides , Europe and other countries and regions are affected by epidemic situation, supply chain and other factors , Have been shut down to varying degrees 、 Shutdown .


The main export enterprises remain basically unchanged , Mainly above steam 、 chery 、 The Great Wall, etc .

SAIC , SAIC made its first overall profit in the European market last year . First half of this year , SAIC's own brands mingjue and Datong are in the UK 、 The Norwegian 、 Netherlands 、 The Danish 、 Iceland and other countries are at the forefront of the market segments . Under the leadership of mingjue and Datong , SAIC ranks first in the list of enterprises with export volume in the first half of the year , Overseas sales in the first half of the year 26.5 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 112.8%, Continue to maintain the first place in the country .

European Express Group depda express (DPD) UK Branch , On 6 Signed with chase in June 750 Orders for new energy light buses . According to the UK 《 The Times 》 reports , After the delivery of this batch of new energy vehicles , The number of SAIC Maxus brand models will account for DPD About half of the new energy fleet of the UK Branch .

last year 9 month , Geely link auto is officially released online “ European plan ”.2021 At the beginning of the year , Hundreds of new Lingke 01 PHEV The model is shipped to Belgium , Lingke brand intelligent new energy and energy-saving automobile products have successively landed in the European automobile market .


The Russian Automobile Market Research Institute ranked the best-selling Chinese brand cars in the market , Haval is a model of Haval brand F7 And haver H9 Included in the TOP5 The list , It ranks first and third in the hedging rate respectively .

In the Russian market , chery 、 lifan 、 geely 、 Great wall and other brands maintain rapid growth . Especially Chery , Tiggo or dingle 8、 Tiggo or dingle 5x And other key products are worthy of the name “ Global car ”.6 month , Chery's sales in Russia increased by as much as 348%; Chery has won the Russian... Award five times “ The most popular Chinese auto brand ”.

In addition to the above major brands , The independent brands exported overseas also include FAW 、 BYD 、 changan 、 Jac even Wei Lai 、 Xiao peng 、 New power brands such as Aichi have also entered the European market , Stepped out “ Go out ” The first step .


Passenger cars dominate , New energy continues to drive

As Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of China Automobile Association, analyzed , Car exports increased in the first half of the year , In addition to the recovery of the international market 、 Enhance the competitiveness of Chinese brands 、 The overseas layout of automobile enterprises is more comprehensive , It is also related to the export growth of new energy vehicles and other factors .

you 're right , New energy vehicles are definitely a bright spot .

The data of the ride show , First half of this year , China's export volume of new energy vehicles is 17.33 Thousands of cars , Up to 151%, Higher than the year-on-year growth of China's automobile export in the same period 118%. Website of the Ministry of Commerce 8 month 10 The daily message is displayed at the same time , New energy vehicles drive the growth of automobile exports ,1 to 7 Month on year export growth 102.5%, The growth rate hit a record high in the same period , Increase the overall export growth rate 0.6 percentage .


The export of new energy vehicles is mainly passenger cars ,2021 In the first half of the year, the proportion of complete passenger vehicle exports 75%, Proportion of truck exports 19%, Proportion of passenger car exports 2%, Proportion of export of special vehicles in the whole vehicle 5%.

As early as 2017 year -2019 Year , New energy vehicles also have certain exports , But at that time, passenger cars were mainly micro low-speed electric vehicles ,2020 The plug-in hybrid models exported in should also be the resale products of the joint venture . Not like the first half of this year , Become the key factor driving the increase of China's automobile export .

On the other hand . Demand for new energy vehicles , Mainly from the European market . Data from the General Administration of customs also show , In the first half of the year , The main increment of China's export of new energy vehicles comes from the European market , Exports to Europe have increased over the same period last year 5.6 Ten thousand units , Western Europe 、 Nordic 、 China Europe and other market segments have performed well .


The demand for new energy vehicles in overseas markets such as Europe has increased sharply in the past two years , The export of new energy vehicles to China is also positive .2021 In the first half of the year, the total domestic export of new energy reached 8.8 Thousands of cars , Of total exports 10%, Among them, the export volume of Europe reached 7.96 Thousands of cars , SAIC mingjue is the most exported brand of new energy vehicles .

in addition , In the Southeast Asian market where Japanese cars occupy an overwhelming share , Chinese auto companies are also reaping market share with the help of pure electric vehicles .

Thailand is the largest automotive market in Southeast Asia , But the shift to electric vehicles is slow . Large car companies have not yet promoted the localized production of electric vehicles in Thailand ,2020 In, the sales volume of electric vehicles in the country was only 1400 cars , Among them, the models from SAIC account for about... Of imported cars 6 become .

SAIC plans to cooperate with Thailand Zhengda Group through a joint venture factory , Promote the localized production of electric vehicles ; Great Wall Motors held a new car launch in Bangkok , Put forward “It’s time to change”( The time for change has come ); In the first half of the year , Geely's sales volume in the Philippine market is 2426 platform , Year-on-year growth exceeds 300%.


When the domestic market pattern tends to be stable , Especially when the domestic market is under pressure , Many auto companies regard export as a key channel to release pressure and promote sales .

With the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of Chinese cars , The historical beginning of domestic passive export will also be rewritten . The data reached a new high in the first half of the year , Just the beginning . For China's auto exports , There is still a lot of power and space , and “ The resistance and long , Yes, it will be , Keep going , Future period ”, Is the best wish for it .


Li Sijia

The head of the anti coriander Alliance 、 Long term occupier of elegant block on the first floor of the commune



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