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Foreign media: Tesla humanoid robot is a joke

2021-08-25 19:48:35 TechWeb

【TechWeb】8 month 22 Daily news , In Tesla AI Japanese , Tesla releases bionic robot Tesla Bot, At present, this robot is still in the development stage ,CEO  Elon ・ Musk said , The prototype will be launched next year .

According to the introduction , This robot is about  1.7  rice , Weight about  110  Jin , Can lift  40  The weight of Jin , The fastest moving speed is per hour  8  km .

The robot will have a screen on its face , Used to provide information display , The whole body is made of lightweight materials , The hand can achieve  “ Human hand level ”  The operation of . The robot head has a camera for navigation , The body is driven by a neural network computing system . Limbs use  40  An electromechanical push rod is used for operation , There are two feet , And strong feedback , To achieve balanced and agile movements .

These robots will be designed to deal with “ unsafe 、 Repetitive or boring tasks ”. In Tesla's vision , This robot can realize voice interaction , For example, you tell a robot , Go to the convenience store and help me buy something , The robot went to buy .

however , There are different comments on Tesla's upcoming robot , With foreign media , Even by Musk's standards , This is also a strange and wonderful foolish act . A lecturer in robotics at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK said ,“ It's polite to say it farts . I'm not saying musk shouldn't do such research , But this kind of propaganda is usually exaggerated .”

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