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Please drive with self-respect. Don't take the electronic eye as "air". Traffic police: This is the camera in 2020

2021-08-25 19:48:42 Wechat automobile

Cars are everywhere now , In addition to being convenient for us to go out , But it also has a great impact on the current road . The work of relevant departments has also been tightened up , Make the existing traffic regulations more strict , Cameras are installed on all the roads now , Many novice drivers are nervous , Especially some new drivers , Sometimes when you get nervous, you look at a loss .


( Don't wear your seat belt )

Nowadays, science and technology are constantly improving , Especially camera technology , Almost only you can't think of , No, I can't . Now the camera is directly detected by the vehicle 、 Photoelectric imaging 、 Auto-Control 、 Network communication 、 Computer and other technologies , For vehicles that do not follow the regulations on the road , Once there is a violation, shoot it immediately , Realized 24 Working for hours , Transmit the captured information to the computer , Then, according to this illegal information, make an ex post investigation


( ???)

As soon as there is a violation in the current vehicle , Almost all will be photographed , And the time is just 1 The second time , Anyway, it's always faster than you , It's higher during the day than at night , You can reach... During the day 95%, It's not much lower at night , Also reached 90%, The highest detection is 180km/h The vehicle of .


( Make a phone call )

As soon as the image is transmitted to the command center , There will be an image registration immediately 、 Number 、 Notice , Then count it into the database , In the future, various organs will be called . I believe after hearing this , You car owners also realize how powerful the electronic eye is now , So remind the majority of car owners : Please drive with your own weight , Don't use electronic eyes as “ air ”, traffic police : Now it's 2019 Years.


( smoking )

And now there is a very powerful capture system , A secondary analysis of the vehicle can be carried out , For HD Cameras , The reflected image is clearer , Almost a whole car is under this system , All the information is reflected , And its reaction speed can be regarded as amazing .


( Turn left and press the solid line )

stay 1 Seconds can be handled 15 The above pictures , You can almost handle it in one day 100 Ten thousand pictures . At the same time, it can recognize 400 Multiple vehicle logos ,5000 Several models , At the same time, it can distinguish the details in the car .


For example, this picture , I thought the owner was driving very seriously , I didn't expect that there was a child in front of the car , This behavior is very unsafe , If you encounter a tense situation , The reaction must be very slow . If there is a collision in this case , The airbag bounced out , Then we can imagine how dangerous the children in front are . So , Don't hold a child while driving , Don't think about yourself , Also consider the safety of children .


( A solid line changes direction )

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